68 top PC builds – the best, new gaming setups

We showcase the best custom gaming PC setups and mods from our community, along with a cool range of inspirational game room ideas.

Best PC builds 01

There’s no reason why your pride and joy has to be housed in a bog standard black case that looks like everyone else’s PC. With a dynamic burst of inspiration, a dash of imaginative flair and plenty of time getting your hands dirty, you can transform your PC gaming setup into a technical showpiece that demands respect.

Custom PC has been celebrating the best PC builds since 2003, and our Facebook group has over 375,000 members. We’ve seen many custom gaming PCs, from mods based on existing case designs to scratch builds. In this feature we’ve shared our favorite PCs, gaming setups and game rooms that really show what’s possible if you put your mind to it.

1. Yes, that’s a PC built into an Xbox One S

PC in an Xbox One S

Using an 8-core AMD Ryzen 7 APU and a super-compact water-cooling system, community member Aaron Howe converted an Xbox One S into a fully functional PC. Aaron 3D-printed an internal chassis to hold it all together, while shoehorning a tiny 50mm dual radiator into the interior to keep the CPU cool. See this Xbox PC case build.

2. Try to spot the water-cooling gear in this Galaxy Diner gaming PC

Galaxy Diner PC

Can you spot any of the components or water-cooling equipment in this custom gaming PC? When building a PC for his wife, Josiah Fast wanted to focus the interior on a sci-fi scene with custom-made models, while hiding the hardware. This gorgeous Galaxy Diner PC features a model spacecraft and pilot riding atop its water-cooled graphics card, plus a light-up starfield made from fiber opticsSee this sci-fi PC case build.

3. This desk PC has two gaming rigs inside it!

Water-cooled desk PC

Using his skills in aluminum door and window manufacturing, Daniel Hunter created this stunning desk PC that contains not one but two gaming PCs. This whole dual PC gaming setup was built from scratch using aluminum and a CNC mill, then kitted out with two fully water-cooled gaming PCs, complete with hard tubing. See this dual desk PC gaming setup.

4. Check out this steampunk gaming PC with dials and iron piping

Steampunk gaming PC

Using iron piping, aluminum sheets and genuine 1940s electrical components, PC modder Dante Mutti created this stunning retro-industrial gaming PC build, called HYDROPOWER. It’s mainly constructed from pine wood, which has been stained black, with the components mounted on aluminum sheet platforms. The taps at the front can also be used to switch on the PC and control the lighting zones. See this steampunk PC build.

5. It’s the SpongeBob SquarePants PC!

SpongeBob SquarePants PC

Armed with a load of EVA foam and plenty of yellow paint, PC modder Dewayne Carel built this SpongeBob SquarePants custom gaming PC, which was commissioned for Arabian Prince from NWA, who’s apparently a big SpongeBob fan. His legs are made from PVC piping, and his hands are made from clay molded around a 3D-printed skeleton. See the SpongeBob SquarePants PC build.

6. This steampunk PC is like a brain in a jar!

Steampunk PC

Inspired by the idea of a brain in a jar connected to a computer, David Wieland created this steampunk custom PC, called Posthuman. It makes use of wooden elements, along with CNC-machined metal, copper tubing for the water-cooling system and 3D-printed parts, plus it even has a custom matching keyboard. See this steampunk PC setup.

7. This stunning wooden PC uses Japanese Kumiko techniques

Wooden Kumiko PC

Inspired by Japanese Kumiko woodworking, Nick Falzone made this exquisite wood gaming PC with a custom hardline water-cooling system and some gorgeous craftsmanship. The machine is called Ikigai, and the main body is made from wenge wood, with Sitka spruce used to make the Kumiko-style details on the front panel and sides. See this Kumiko wood PC case gaming setup.

8. This awesome PC case was 3D printed

3D-printed PC case

Looking more like an airplane engine than a typical boxy PC chassis, this tiny 3D-printed PC case holds an 8-core AMD Ryzen 7 rig. PC builder Jean Roberto De lacovo created all the parts he needed to make the chassis with a modified 3D printer, resulting in this stunning scratch-built PC, which is called Piñasphere. See this 3D-printed PC case build.

9. The Claw is our master! This PC looks like an arcade machine

PC arcade claw machine

This colorful build is based on a Thermaltake Tower 100 chassis, and features a mechanical claw, joystick and coin slot to make it looks like an arcade machine. Custom PC reader Michael Dexter also hand-built a wooden cabinet for the base. See this arcade PC case build.

10. It’s the Las Vegas strip inside a PC!

PC with loads of RGB lighting

This glowing PC build is jam-packed with RGB lighting. For his 50th birthday, Custom PC reader Steve Higgins decided to have his first stab at making a custom water-cooling loop in this colorful PC build, which uses a Corsair hardline water-cooling kit, as well as the company’s LC100 light-up triangles. He jokingly calls this striking gaming PC Operation Don’t Electrocute Yourself. See this RGB water-cooled PC build.

11. Aliens have breached this PC’s interior!

Alien Breach PC

This gaming PC setup is a bit different from the usual boxy case. Not only is it a desk PC, but it’s based on the interior of a spaceship from the Aliens film franchise. This sci-fi gaming PC is called Alien Breach, and it was built by PC modder Mick Black, who wanted to recreate a dark and gritty spaceship interior, with rust, stains and oil spills. See this Alien gaming PC build, if you dare.

12. Check out the plasma disk on this steampunk gaming PC build

Steampunk plasma disk PC

This steampunk gaming PC looks like it came straight out of a Victorian evil scientist’s lab, and there are loads of cool touches. It uses hand-cut copper piping for the water-cooling system, there’s a Nixie tube clock on the top and a plasma disk on the front panel. The machine is based on a Deepcool Steam Castle case and was built by Custom PC reader Aaron Fredregill, who calls it Die Wasserkammer. Read all about this steampunk PC case build.

13. There are two water-cooled PC gaming rigs in this build!

Intel Gamer Days PC

We’re in love with this colorful gaming PC, which features not one but two water-cooled PCs, both of which feature Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000-series GPUs and top-end Intel CPUs. PC modder Kris Butterill modded a Raijintek Enyo case to create this monster dual-system build for Intel’s Gamer Days campaign, and it features hand-bent tubing, loads of RGB lighting, and custom parts made with a 3D printer. Find out all the details about this dual gaming PC build.

14. Check out this custom open-air mini-ITX gaming PC

Open air mini-ITX PC build

We’ve never seen a mini-ITX gaming PC quite like this one before. It features a custom open-air case made from steel panels, which PC modder Michael Sheppard cut and bent to shape himself – he calls it Project Mini Z. It also features a full-size AMD gaming GPU and a custom water-cooling system, on panels that fan out from the center. Read more about this open-air mini-ITX PC build.

15. This water-cooled gaming PC has stunning crystal effects

Citrine Gaming PC Setup

This water-cooled gaming PC with hard tubing looks like it was mined out of a crystal-encrusted rock by a very lucky geologist. Armed with a CNC machine, plenty of acrylic sheet and some expert 3D modeling skills, PC modder Søren Kirkegaard made this striking build inspired by the look of Citrine crystals. That’s why Kirkegaard calls this build Citrine, and it’s a fine piece of PC craftsmanship. See more of this water-cooled crystal effect PC build.

16. This PC’s motherboard is in the middle of the case

Tweaked Meshify S2 PC

It’s no easy feat to change your PC case layout so the motherboard is moved to the middle, but PC modder Jeroen ter Horst has done an expert job with this water-cooled gaming PC. He gutted his Fractal Design Meshify S2 and completely changed the interior design, with a custom distro and cable management plate, while moving the motherboard to center stage, flanked by a pair of angled 360mm radiators. Read more about this modded Meshify S2 PC build.

17. This water-cooled gaming PC runs like clockwork

Project Taichi PC

This open-air gaming PC looks a little like it came out of a clockwork watch factory, being inspired by the design of ASRock’s Taichi motherboards with their cog motifs, and based on a Thermaltake Core P5 chassis. PC modder Jason Simm went all out on the water-cooling system for this PC build, which sports two 480mm radiators, hand-cut PETG tubing and custom aluminum panels. See more of this open-air PC build.

18. It’s a water-cooled gaming PC in a vintage CRT monitor!

PC in a CRT monitor

If you’re a computing veteran who remembers CRT monitors and TVs (we certainly do!), then you may well join us in our love for this water-cooled gaming PC with a vintage twist. PC modder János Kerekes took his Dremel to an old grey Sony Trinitron CRT monitor in order to create this unique water-cooled PC, which is called Oazis ROG. Read all about how this water-cooled PC in a CRT TV was built.

19. PC cases don’t get much more minimal than this open-air rig


This mini-ITX gaming PC case goes right to basics, sitting in a small footprint while also being able to accommodate a full-size graphics card and ATX power supply. It’s made from laser-cut aluminum and its designer, Jerome Kelty, has kindly made the design files available for anyone else to download and have a go themselves. Read all about how this open-air mini-ITX frame PC was designed and assembled.

20. Is this the ultimate dragon-themed gaming PC setup?

An enormous dragon sculpture sitting on a gaming PC setup

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that really is an enormous dragon sculpture on a desk. However, there is something else a little fishy about this otherwise slightly mind-boggling gaming setup.

When we first saw this image posted on our Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group we were wowed by the sheer scale(s) of the dragon sculpture, and asked the member that posted it – Joe Darden – if we could feature the setup on our site. Imagine our disappointment at being told… it’s AI-generated art! It’s still amazing in its own way, though – imagine if it was real! See all the pics of this AI-generated dragon PC gaming setup.

21. This dazzling all-white gaming PC has a hidden Star Wars secret

Gaming PC with a white paint and lighting scheme includes a white stormtrooper GPU holder

This Star Wars-themed PC gaming setup is subtlety special, as the entire theme is defined solely by the addition of a single figurine. Taking inspiration from its existing all-white color scheme, Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group member Robert Lachance completed the look of his PC with the simple addition of a Stormtrooper. Meanwhile, an Xbox One controller holder in the shape of a Stormtrooper supports the graphics card. See more of this white Star Wars gaming PC build.

22. This Jack Daniel’s PC looks like it’s filled with whiskey

Jack Daniels PC

We absolutely love what PC builder Craig Ferrie has done with this Jack Daniel’s PC. The wooden PC case itself is a marvelous bit of craftsmanship, but the centerpiece is the Jack Daniel’s bottle and glass tumbler at the front – these parts genuinely work as part of the water-cooling system, which is filled with whiskey-colored coolant. See more of this Jack Daniel’s PC build.

23. Happy holidays, from this Hello Kitty PC

Hello Kitty PC

This isn’t just any Hello Kitty PC, it’s a Christmas Hello Kitty computer! PC modder Anthony Martino wanted to make a computer for his Hello Kitty-obsessed wife for Christmas, resulting in this red, white and green machine. The case is covered with custom vinyl wrap, and the interior features custom acrylic fan grilles and a Hello Kitty graphics card backplate. Read all about how this Hello Kitty PC build was made.

24. This Cyberpunk 2077 PC has some incredible paint and etching work

This stunning Cyberpunk 2077 PC looks like it came straight off the street in Night City. Dystopian fiction fan Richi Bowzer spent a year creating this rig, which can boot into two PCs for two-player gaming. It has an incredible amount of custom paintwork, some superb etchings on the glass and a nifty screen on the PSU shroud.

To top it all off, there’s an intricate hard tube water-cooling system in the interior, and even a Keanu Reeves figure sitting inside the machine. See more pics of this stunning Cyberpunk 2077 PC build.

25. Check out this PC’s dragon etching and angled graphics card

Adding your own PC case etching is a great way to make your PC stand out from the crowd, and we really like what Custom PC reader Simon Beacock has done with his dragon design here. He also went all out with his first go at hard-line water cooling for this build, which he calls Little Drakon, while also modifying the setup to accommodate an angled graphics card. See more of this dragon etching PC build.

26. Gobble up this water-cooled Pac-Man arcade cabinet PC

Pac-Man arcade PC

This Pac-Man arcade PC build is button-mashingly brilliant, with a brightly colored water-cooled gaming PC housed in the bottom half of the cabinet. Using some custom-made acrylic panels and boxes, Custom PC reader Karl Patterson transformed this Pac-Man arcade cabinet into a high-end gaming PC, which contains two water-cooling loops. And yes, you can still play Pac-Man on it! Check out our full feature on this Pac-Man PC build.

27. This mini-ITX wood PC is making waves

ONDA wooden mini-ITX PC

This outlandish wood PC build takes inspiration from all sorts of places, from the famous Japanese Great Wave off Kanagawa painting to a dinosaur skeleton that its creator, PC modder Alessandro Zaiti, saw displayed in a museum. This mini-ITX PC build, which its creator calls ODNA, is a stunning example of design and craftsmanship – we’ve never seen a PC quite like it. See more of this fabulous wooden wave PC build.

28. Check out the metal PSU cable connectors in this Division rig

Project ISAC PC

This water-cooled gaming PC has loads of custom details, including modified CPU and GPU waterblocks, a louvered panel on the radiator and some quality etching work. We also love the brass-effect water-cooling fittings and metal PSU cable connectors. After sinking over 1,000 hours into The Division, Custom PC reader Andy Makin built this Project ISAC system, inspired by the game’s Intelligent System Analytic Computer concept. See more of this Division PC build.

29. This space-age aluminum PC build is inspired by the Sputnik satellite

Sputnik PC

Inspired by the launch of the first satellite from Earth, Sputnik, PC modder Lobachev Andrey Vladimirovich built this space-age mini-ITX PC from scratch. The design eschews 90-degree bends to avoid the boxy look of standard PC cases, and it’s constructed from laser-cut 2mm aluminum. See more of this laser-cut aluminum PC build.

30. This PC gaming setup is all about cars and plants

Zachary Nazech cars and plants PC gaming setup

This isn’t your average car lover’s PC gaming setup. Sure, there are model cars on the shelf, and even some Yokohama Model T6 wheels on the wall, but that wasn’t enough for Custom PC Facebook community member Zachary Nazech. As a keen lover of both cars and plants, Zachary decided to mix two of his passions, with some wheels sprouting foliage. Read more about this overgrown car PC gaming setup in our Q&A with Zachary.

31. Check out this smart Alien-inspired PC gaming setup

Jesse Drew Lambros Alien PC Game Setup

We love the clean look of this Alien PC gaming setup, which is made from various Ikea furniture parts, and makes great use of lights and wall panels. What’s more, its creator, Custom PC Facebook community member Jesse Lambros, has added some touches inspired by the Alien film franchise. See more of this Alien PC gaming setup and read our Q&A with Jesse.

32. Apple eat your heart out, this is the ultimate all-in-one PC build

Ever lusted after the clean all-in-one ease of use of an iMac? Well, Björn Höjing Burle shows you don’t need to go the fruity route to get the same effect. His gaming monitor PC has all its components strapped to the back of a standard ultrawide gaming monitor. It uses a mini-ITX motherboard and compact SFX power supply to save space then harnesses the heat-directing power of water-cooling to pull heat from the graphics card and CPU to the two 240mm radiators on the other side of the monitor. Get the full low-down on this all-in-one gaming monitor PC build here.

33. See minimalism at its finest with this white PC setup

Cleanest white PC build and desk setup ever

This has to be among our favorite minimalist PC gaming setups we’ve ever seen. The PC build itself is super clean with its white case and fully white components (other than that tiny splash of bright orange on the graphics card). Meanwhile, the simple desk setup with wireless mouse and keyboard and no monitor stand is a wire-free delight. It’s the starkness of the rest of the space that really completes the piece, though – there’s nothing else on the desk or walls cluttering the look. Find out more about this minimalist white PC build here.

34. This celebration of Thailand is a garishly green and gold PC wonder

Gold and green Thai dragon PC build

Sporting an enormous bust of the Hindu rakshasa demon Thotsakan and adorned with gold decoration throughout, this bold-looking PC is a celebration of all things iconically Thai. It was spotted in a computer shop in Thailand where it was presumably used to catch the eyes of passersby – something it clearly achieved. We’re not sure about the practicalities of using such a PC on a normal desk but we love the no-holds-barred celebration of local culture. See more of this amazing Thai gold PC build here.

35. Look at the amazing paint job on this Cyberpunk 2077 PC

Cyberpunk 2077 Neon PC

We love a well painted PC case at Custom PC, and this brightly colored Cyberpunk 2077 gaming PC shows some masterful use of Kobra spray paint by PC modder Richard Ord. It’s based on an Antec DF600 Flux case, and features custom details made with a 3D printer, as well as a great hard tube water-cooling system. See more of this technicolor Cyberpunk 2077 PC build.

36. Feast your eyes on this water-cooled Joker gaming PC

Joker PC

Cutting and bending hard tubing for a water-cooled gaming PC isn’t a job for the faint-hearted, but it can achieve amazing results, as shown by the tight bends in this Joker gaming PC build. Created by PC modder Tom Keen, this colorful rig takes design cues from various guises of Batman’s flamboyant nemesis, and it features loads of custom parts too. Take a closer look at this Joker PC build.

37. This water-cooled BB8 gaming PC is on the ball

BB8 gaming PC

Is this BB8 gaming PC the droid you’re looking for? We certainly love it. PC modder Kamil Lee combined his love for orange and white color schemes, as well as cute Star Wars droids, with this super-clean water-cooled PC build, which features a custom distro plate design and had to be given several coats of white paint. Read all about this Star Wars PC build.

38. This gaming PC build has all the monitors and that’s why we love it

We’ve seen many a multi-monitor PC build in our time but this arrangement from Custom PC Facebook community member Casey Steward is among the more extreme examples. It has no fewer than four monitors, with three of them stacked right on top of each other. What’s more, the top screen is in fact a 45-inch TV! It’s certainly one way to make the most efficient use of your limited desk space, by not using the desk. See more of this multi-monitor PC gaming setup.

39. Check out the tight tubing bends in this water-cooled Threadripper PC

Silent Storm water-cooled PC

If you think a 360mm AIO liquid cooler has loads of cooling power, then wait until you see the monstrous cooling abilities of this water-cooled Threadripper PC build. Custom PC reader Sam Liggat dived headfirst into the deep end with his first hardline water-cooling system for this Thermaltake Tower 900 build. It features loads of freehand tubing bends and two colossal 560mm radiators. See more of this water-cooled Threadripper PC build.

40. Check out this flat water-cooled Plex server

Wall-mounted Plex server

There’s no reason why a Plex server has to be the usual unassuming box in the corner of the lounge. Custom PC reader Chris Marsh wanted his one to wow people on their way through the front door, and it has an extravagant design. It features a custom MDF flat chassis, which could be wall-mounted, along with a 480mm radiator and a water-cooling loop with hard tubing. See more of this wall-mountable Plex server build.

41. Watch the motorized monitor lifts in this wood desk PC build

Wooden desk PC gaming setup

We see a lot of desk PC cases and builds at Custom PC, but this wood PC gaming setup is in a different ballpark. Custom PC reader Martin McDonald wanted to build a corner desk to house his two-monitor PC setup, but also to use for marking up large paper design work. The result is this unique piece of carpentry made from maple and sycamore, with automated monitor lifts and a dedicated control console. Check out this wood gaming PC desk build.

42. Yes, this cel-shaded Borderlands PC build is real

Borderlands PC build

We weren’t convinced that this Borderlands PC build was real when we first saw it, but Custom PC reader Ivan Cervenak has done a great job of fooling our eyes with this gaming PC based on the Borderlands robot Jimmy J3NKN5, complete with a cel-shaded sketchy cartoon look. This unreal look was created with expert use of a load of vinyl wrap, and some acrylic paint pens, and we love it. See more of this Borderlands PC build.

43. Look at this stunning open-air PC case build

We’re very much aware that PC enthusiasts are divided when it comes to the prospect of an open-air PC build. Some love the fact that you can see all of the glorious PC hardware up close and personal, while others worry about the constant need for dusting. We love this custom open-air PC case, though, which was scratch-built by Custom PC reader Michael Sheppard and is called Project Z. It features an angled graphics card, a hard tube water-cooling loop and some incredible cable tidying work. See more of this open-air PC build.

44. Check out the 3D-printed details in this fiery BioShock PC build

Thermaltake P3 build

3D printing is a great tool for PC modding, and PC builder Steve Grever has pushed the boat out with this fiery open-air build. Wanting to get away from the standard black box, he built this touch-screen-equipped PC in a red Thermaltake P3 chassis, featuring several custom 3D-printed PC parts made with matching red filament. There’s also a Big Daddy from BioShock keeping an eye on the flames. See more of this BioShock PC build with 3D-printed details.

45. Nature meets machine in this bright and tidy PC gaming setup

Ferns PC gaming setup

Showing that you can create a stunning PC gaming setup without going overboard on frills, there’s something effortlessly calming about this PC gaming setup from Custom PC Facebook group member Nicholas Shannon. From the cool white PC build and simple purple underlighting to the clean desk, and that haunting black and white desktop wallpaper. But our favorite part? It’s got to be the ferns, where nature meets machine. Read more about this bright PC gaming setup with ferns.

46. The Avengers assemble in this glowing PC build

Avengers PC Gaming Setup

Embrace the spirit of teamwork with this Avengers-themed PC build that features glow-in-the-dark vinyl stickers, loads of RGB lighting and mini action figures. It required more than a snap of a finger to create but was still put together in a weekend, showing that a fun and fully-themed gaming setup can be achieved quite quickly. Read more about this Avengers PC build here.

47. Neat cabling defines this wall-mounted PC build

Wall mounted gaming pc build

Wall-mounted PCs aren’t entirely a novel idea but this setup takes things to another level. Esaerg Yeknom has mounted not just his PC, not just his monitor, not just his speakers but the whole lot to the wall, along with a headset holder and Xbox controller holder too. Then, joining them all up is neatly arranged cabling that has been pinned to the wall in a PCB trace-like pattern. It combines to create quite the striking sci-fi vibe that we’re all for. Check out the full wall-mounted everything gaming setup here.

48. The booziest PC gaming setup

Beer fridge cocktail bar gaming PC build

This surely has to be one of the finest gaming station bars we’ve ever seen. Custom PC Facebook group member, Arnie Lye, has fitted his gaming den out with a sizeable drinks fridge stocked with bottles of beer, a mini keg for serving beer on tap, filled a countertop and two shelves with spirits, wine, and mixers, and even fitted a glass hanger for all his fancy stemware. We’ll drink to that! See the full finery of this gaming PC setup with a bar here.

49. This outstanding PC case was completely 3D printed

3D printed PC case - The Thing

Not only does this scratch-built orange and white PC build look absolutely gorgeous, but it also uses a completely 3D-printed PC case. With clever use of a Minifactory Innovator, and two Ultimaker 2 Extended+ 3D printers, PC modder Antti Väisänen made a water-cooled PC build that looks like no other PC we’ve seen. See more of this 3D-printed PC build.

50. Check out the wood panels on this mini gaming PC build

Tilia Wood PC build

When you take a first glance at this custom open-air rig, it looks like a wood PC build, but behind the wood paneling is a custom metal chassis, which PC modder Axel Lindmarker made from scratch, before adding the classy wooden panels on the sides. This mini-ITX PC doesn’t compromise on spec either, with a 16-core CPU, a GeForce RTX 3080 and full water-cooling system packed into its tiny space. See more of this mini gaming PC build.

51. Open this desk drawer and out comes a water-cooled PC build

Desk Drawer PC

This wooden desk PC was built from scratch by PC builder Mads Alexander, after building a similar design for his carpentry course. Not only is the desk itself a great piece of craftsmanship, but it also features a fully water-cooled gaming PC in its drawer. We love the attention to ventilation and tidy cable management in this desk PC. See more of this desk drawer PC.

52. This art deco PC looks like the front of a classic car

Spirit of Motion classic car PC build

With its aluminum front grille and shiny candy apple red panels, this classic car PC build takes inspiration from the 1930s hotrod automotive era. Built by PC modder Josiah Fast, who also made this brilliant Galaxy Diner PC build, this art deco PC is based on the design of the 1938 car, the Graham Spirit of Motion, also known as the “Sharknose”. See more of this art deco car PC build.

53. Feast your eyes on this handsome open-air gaming PC build

ROG Pagoda PC build

This open-air PC build takes architectural inspiration from pagoda design, with its open and angular structure, and was built entirely from scratch. PC modder János Kerekes, who also wowed us with his CRT monitor PC, constructed the case using colored plexiglass, and it also features individually sleeved PSU cables, which shows some real patience. See more of this open-air water-cooled PC build.

54. Check out the Jack Nicholson fan grilles in this Joker gaming PC

Joker PC fan grille

Taking inspiration from the lurid, acidic colors of Tim Burton’s Batman’s arch nemesis, this Joker PC has luminous green coolant, lighting, and custom-made fan grilles. We particularly like the vinyl sticker that has been placed alongside the water distribution plate that fills the front of the case. See more of this stunning Joker PC build here.

55. Watch out for the custom PSU cover in this monochrome PC build

Custom aluminum PSU cover

We really like this monochrome PC build, which shows you don’t need to go overboard with flashing rainbow RGB LEDs to make a PC that stands out. Taking inspiration from the black and white color scheme of MSI Krait motherboards, this machine is Custom PC reader Ricky Kemp’s first PC build with a custom water-cooling loop, and he fabricated several custom aluminum parts for the interior. See more of this black and white PC build.

56. This super clean PC build has two water-cooling loops

Thermaltake Tower 900 water-cooled PC build

The interior of your PC case can quickly get cluttered and messy once you start adding multiple graphics cards and water-cooling gear, but  Custom PC reader Peter Morey has shown that you can still make an intricate PC build look really clean with this stunning water-cooled PC build. It’s based on a Thermaltake The Tower 900 case and features two water-cooling loops. See more of this dual-loop gaming PC build.

57. This Portal Companion Cube gaming PC build deserves all the cake

Portal companion cube PC

The excellent Portal games are packed with iconic designs, from the highly cosplayable lead character, Chell, to the terrifying red-eyed glow of the sentry turrets. Perhaps the most iconic of all, though, is the weighted companion cube, which is the inspiration for this sleek Portal PC build. Inside there’s also an etched panel depicting the Portal participant instructions, and of course, there’s a shiny red Valve too. See more of this Portal companion cube PC build.

58. This PC build is cooled by an external icebox

This water-cooled PC has no radiator, pump or reservoir inside its case. Instead, refrigeration engineer Matt Marshall had another idea – chilling the coolant inside an external icebox. The result is this icebox-cooled PC build, which has a really clean and uncluttered interior, not to mention super-cool temperatures. See more of this fridge-cooled gaming PC build.

59. This white gaming PC has a tilted graphics card

This white gaming PC puts such a simple but effective spin on the idea of mounting your graphics card in such as way as to best show it off. Instead of just standing the card upright in a vertical mount position, creator Paul Turton tilted the card back slightly. This position presents the card nicely for being viewed both from the side and above. As for the rest of the system, it uses mostly shop-bought white components but includes some custom-painted white parts, such as the pieces on the graphics card, to complete the clean look. See more of this white gaming PC build.

60. Check the hand-cut tubing in this hardline water-cooled PC build

Blue hardline water-cooled PC

Sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than a simple but sleek hardline water-cooled PC, and this build is a perfect example. Using PETG pipes hand bent into perfect 90° angles, there’s nothing too fancy going on here but the build looks effortlessly elegant, helped by its cool blue lighting. Don’t be fooled, though, such hardline piping bends are quite tricky so there’s a bit of time and care required to achieve a similar effect. Get this full story on this hand-bent hardline water-cooled PC.

61. This water-cooled desk PC build was built from scratch

Water-cooled desk PC

While you can pick up off-the-shelf PC desk cases from the likes of Lian Li, if you want a desk that meets your exact requirements you’ll need to build it yourself, and this water-cooled desk PC is a fantastic example. Built from scratch by Custom PC reader Johnny Anderson, this custom water-cooled desk PC is a true one-of-a-kind, complete with hardilne tubing. See more of this water-cooled desk PC build.

62. Get button-mashing with this retro arcade PC

Retro arcade PC build

Using a hand-built wooden cabinet, this retro arcade PC features a 26-inch IPS monitor, proper arcade-style joysticks, and satisfyingly mashable buttons. It was created by Custom PC reader, Rich, a veteran of making his own arcade machines. See the full story of this arcade PC build here.

63. The day glow goo PC

Day-glo green water-cooled PC build

Less popular in PC building circles these days, we still have a soft spot for outlandish coolant coolers, and few are more eye-catching than day glow green. This toxic waste-inspired ‘acid rain’ PC sports a fully water cooled system with a CPU and two GPUs cooled by a single loop, with a huge distribution block filling the whole front of the PC to show off the liquid. See more on this day glow green PC here.

64. Clear your standing desk with this cable tidying PC hack

PVC pipe standing desk cable tidying solution 01

Although a simple standing desk PC build overall, Custom PC reader Rolf Oosterhuis’ solution for tidying his system’s cables is one you have to see. Using so cheap square PVC drain pipe and a few mounting brackets, he created a way to cleanly contain all the power and data cables for his system, neatly having them all exit into a cable snake that can move along with his electric standing desk. See here for how this standing desk cable tidying PC was built.

65. This Bladerunner PC is pure Joi

Bladerunner gaming pc build

Few movies are as packed with iconic imagery as Bladerunner 2049, and this simple but effective Bladerunner 2049 PC build showcases one of its most eye-catching. A simple marriage of a good desktop wallpaper and matching lighting sets of this build, which also features a modern-style double-glass-panelled case with 12 RGB fans inside. Find out more about this Bladerunner 2049 PC here.

66. This brain-shaped PC is jarring

Hardwired to your brain takes on a whole new meaning with this PC build. Using a tiny mini-ITX motherboard, the system is housed inside a brain-shaped metal cage with water-cooling pipework pumping life-giving coolant to the CPU. Created PC builder David Wieland, this steampunk PC is a mini marvel of PC design. See here for how this tiny brain in a jar PC was built.

67. Forget RGB PC cases, this setup has an RGB desk

This dazzling neon gaming PC setup is a bold statement in everything RGB with an inspired RGB wall lighting strip, custom neon ‘to the moon’ sign and an RGB-packed PC. But the real finishing touch is the custom-built RGB desk that’s made from stained 2×10 lumbar with a channel routed into the front edge to hold its RGB strip. It’s such a great way to add some lighting without making for more clutter, plus it should mean you’re less likely to bash your leg against the desk corner in the dark. See more of this RGB PC desk build here.

68. Diablo IV PC builds

Diablo IV PC builds

To celebrate the Diablo IV release, we’ve collated several Diablo IV-themed PC builds to showcase the best Diablo IV PC builds. One of those is pictured above but you can see more by clicking the link above. From Diablo IV posters and candles to moody RGB lighting and little Diablo IV logos on CPU coolers, these setups do everything they can to celebrate the game.

We’ve seen some truly outstanding custom PC builds and gaming setups from our readers and community, and we’re always eager to see more. If you’ve built a PC that’s out of the ordinary, assembled an awesome gaming setup, or converted a room into a cool gaming den, then we’d love to see it! Join our Facebook group if you’d like to submit your own work for consideration.