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Nature meets machine in this bright and tidy PC gaming setup

Real ferns, calming purple and white lighting and a clean desk make this gaming PC setup a cool, calming, and tranquil space to annihilate your enemies!

Ferns PC gaming setup

There’s something effortlessly calming about this PC gaming setup from Custom PC Facebook group member Nicholas Shannon. From the cool white PC build and simple purple underlighting to the clean desk, and that haunting black and white desktop wallpaper. But our favorite part? It’s got to be the ferns.

As we all know, there are few finer ways to finish a space than with some nice pot plants, and the choice here is ideal. Rather amusingly, Nicholas actually bought fake ferns just to obtain the right size pots to then plant real ferns, and it is the scale of the pots and the plants that works so well. As lovers of shade, ferns are also an ideal choice of plant, for a space such as this.

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Back to this build, and aside from this splash of green foliage and the purple under-desk lighting, the setup is largely black and white, with the Limbo-esque forest scape mousemat joined by a custom Glorious Gaming GMMW 2 Compact keyboard with panda switches and black and white XDA keycaps. There’s also a selection of white, grey, and black mice, a black Xbox controller, and even the Logitech Z200 speakers fit the theme with their black housing and drivers and white cone rings.

Ferns and cars PC gaming setup 02

The charmingly glum wallpaper was generated with Wallpaper Engine, with it – and the clean Windows desktop – finishing off the minimalist look.

Inside the Lian Li O11 Dynamic case – a deserved favorite of the PC gaming setup scene at the moment thanks to its twin front and side glass panels – is an Intel Core i9-13900K, an EVGA GeForce RTX 3090, 32GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM, a 2TB Samsung 970 Pro SSD, and a Corsair iCUE 240mm AIO cooler. Also attached is an Elgato StreamDeck+ and HyperX Quadcast gaming microphone.

Sitting atop the case, and rather out of tune with the rest of the zen vibe surrounding this PC is a selection of car models, including Nicholas’ favorite, a blue Subera WRX STi.

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