Marvel at this Striker gaming PC build

No, not that Stryker, the Antec Striker PC case that's at the heart of this outlandish gaming PC with its many exposed fans - wandering fingers beware!

Antec Striker gaming PC build 02

The Antec Striker is, along with the Jonsbo Mod-3, one of the more visually striking PC cases around, with its sharp angles and exposed innards. However, even the standard Striker case wasn’t enough for Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group member, Rui Yaegashi, who has removed all the external panels to create an amazing-looking, if rather dangerous, Antec Striker PC build.

The visual effect of removing all the protective panels from this case creates the ultimate way to showcase the high-end hardware used in this system. There’s the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 strapped right to the front of the case, the Lian Li GA-240A Galahad AIO cooler’s pump displaying its colorful light show in the center, and then a quad stack of RGB fans sits on the back of the system, cooling the AIO cooler’s radiator.

Antec Striker gaming PC build 01

We really can’t stress enough how hazardous such a setup could be. We’ve received plenty of cuts over the years pushing our luck by fiddling with fans when they’re up and running, and this build leaves half a dozen of them exposed right on the outside of the case. Then there’s the risk to those with long hair – only a pair of scissors and a replacement fan can get you back from the brink with that scenario.

Antec Striker gaming PC build 03

All that said, the end result just looks amazing. The all-white color scheme perfectly sets off the bold purple and blue lighting, while small details, such as the individually-sleeved power supply cables and neat split, white PCIe extension cable, really complete the look.

Antec Striker gaming PC build 04

The rest of the system includes an AMD Ryzen 5 3600X, Colorful B550 CVN Frozen motherboard, Galax HOF EXTREME OC Lab Edition 4266MHz DDR4 RAM, Seagate FireCuda 530 2TB SSD, and a Super Flower Leadex III Gold ARGB 850W power supply.

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