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This dazzling all-white gaming PC has a hidden Star Wars secret

A Stormtrooper Xbox One controller holder makes for an ingenious graphics card holder in this stunning icy white gaming PC build with AMD CPU and Nvidia GPU.

Gaming PC with a white paint and lighting scheme includes a white stormtrooper GPU holder

We’ve seen plenty of Star Wars-themed PC gaming setups over the years but this one is subtlety special, as the entire theme is defined solely by the addition of a single figurine. Taking inspiration from its existing all-white color scheme, Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group member Robert Lachance completed the look of his PC with the addition of perhaps Star Wars’s most iconic character, the Stormtrooper.

Now, of course, Star Wars has spawned many iconic designs, whether it’s spaceships like the Tie Fighter and X-Wing, the all-black sleekness of Darth Vader, or the gruff coolness of Boba Fett, but it’s surely the spectacularly impractical all-white design of the Stormtrooper that is its most enduring creation (ok, maybe it’s the lightsaber). Regardless, while it might be the most ill-judged bit of soldiering sartorial selection, it makes for a damn-fine theme for a modern gaming PC.

What’s more, this particular Stormtrooper-enhanced PC uses The Empire’s favorite little helper to practical effect too. Here, an Xbox One controller holder in the shape of a Stormtrooper has been used to help support the end of the system’s lengthy graphics card.

Gaming PC with a white paint and lighting scheme includes a white stormtrooper GPU holder

The Asus ROG Strix RTX 3090 O10G White used here is not the absolute largest graphics card around – RTX 4090, we see you – but it is still very large with dimensions of 12.5″ x 5.5″ x 2.3″ (319 x 140 x 58 mm). Any GPU of this size benefits from a bit of support, in order to prevent damage to the PCIe connection of the card or your motherboard. Over the years we’ve seen all manner of things used to achieve that goal but this has to be among the cleanest attempts we’ve yet seen.

The holder itself normally uses its open palms to hold an Xbox One controller but they also fall at just the right height to prop up the graphics card. Another benefit of this figure is that the body of the trooper stops it falling over or sliding around under the card, which ensures it doesn’t interfere with the fans of the graphics card – the fans on the floor of the PC also hold the figurine in place.

Gaming PC with a white paint and lighting scheme includes a white stormtrooper GPU holder

While it’s the Stormtrooper that really puts the finishing touch to this gaming PC setup, there are many other details that help it shine too. From more obvious choices like the white SZD S580 case, white EZDIY-FAB fans, white infinite reflection effect of the Thermalright FrozenMagic AIO cooler, white Asus ROG Strix motherboard, and white cabling of the power supply to more subtle additions such as ensuring all four RAM slots are filled for a more complete, clean look.

Robert has even gone to the effort of putting individual black stickers on each fan to cover up the EZDIY logos, for an even cleaner look, in his latest update.

Gaming PC with a white paint and lighting scheme includes a white stormtrooper GPU holder

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