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Cats, KFC and Funko Pops combine in this Kirby gaming PC setup

If there was an award for cuteness, this PC gaming setup would surely take top prize, with its rainbow keyboard, kirby desk fan and shelf of furry friends.

Cute Kirby PC gaming setup

We’ve seen some cute gaming PC setups in our time but this desk arrangement from Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group member Britain Jaskowiak is cuteness overload. This Kirby PC gaming setup includes a Kirby Windows wallpaper, a Kirby desk fan, a Kirby mousemat, and much more besides.

Built around a pink gaming laptop, this setup is joined by a pink keycap-adorned gaming keyboard, some Kirby wall art, and a ring of Kirby-pink roses. And this setup isn’t just dedicated to that one game either, with a Sims green plumb-bob sat next to the screen alongside a Nanoblocks Pokemon Snorlax.

Cute Kirby PC gaming setup

Festooning the shelves above are Funko Pops of Garfield, Brok and Sindri (from God of War), and of course Grogu (baby Yoda) from The Mandalorian. While up above these there are also plush toys aplenty too.

Britain also recently upgrade their keyboard from pure pink to a pastel rainbow of color, with cat Esc and Pause keys, cat paw cursors, and a KFC chicken bucket F6 key (we hope it’s programmed with a macro to order a matching bucket of chicken).

Of course, such a cute setup isn’t for everyone and this isn’t a showcase of high-end PC hardware but that’s what celebrating Custom PCs is all about. The clue’s in the name: custom! So make your setup look how you like and share it with pride on the Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group – no judgment here.

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