This space station PC build is outstanding

We're amazed by this space-age water-cooled gaming PC mod, which was made from scratch with CNC-milled aluminum and 3D-printed parts.

Purifier sci-fi PC build

This outlandish space station PC build looks like it should be sat on a counter in the International Space Station kitchen. Aptly called Purifier, it was made by Taiwanese modder extraordinaire AK, who set out to make a space-age PC that looked like it was busy cleansing liquids. The result is an extraordinary water-cooled PC split into three parts.

Custom PC has been celebrating the best PC builds since 2003, and our Facebook group has over 390,000 members. We’ve seen many custom gaming PCs, from case mods to scratch builds. Here we chat to PC modder AK about how this space-age PC build was created.

This PC is so unlike any other rig we’ve seen before, that we have to start by asking AK where the idea came from. ‘The main inspiration behind the creation of Purifier was the collaboration with the Klevv brand, which specializes in memory and SSD products,’ he says.

‘I expanded my ideas based on these two product categories, brainstorming and exploring modding themes that would be suitable for these products. With their relevance to both computing and access, I thought of modifying a purifying machine with computational capabilities.’

Purifier sci-fi PC build

The result looks massively different from your average water filter, though – Purifier looks like it could be a product of NASA’s R&D department, with its secure-looking containers and screen. ‘The concept theme I aim to present is a purification machine within the space station environment,’ says AK.

‘I strive to make it feel as though the artwork is an authentic machine that exists in this world.’ It’s an approach that works – this definitely looks like a product from an Earth space agency than a prop from Star Wars.

Purifier sci-fi PC build
How do you go about designing a project as complicated as this one? ‘I started by confirming all the hardware specifications and models before beginning with the exterior design concept,’ AK tells us. ‘Then I gradually worked on the finer details as I progressed inward. I utilized SolidWorks CAD for this purpose.’

A combination of materials was used to create the containers themselves. ‘The internal structure is fabricated using CNC-machined aluminum components,’ AK explains, ‘while most of the external parts are produced via 3D printing. Additionally, some components are laser-cut from acrylic material.’

Purifier sci-fi PC build

The 3D printed parts required a fair bit of work to make them look the part as well. ‘The surface treatment of the 3D printed components requires more time,’ says AK, ‘as it involves processes such as sanding, repairing, and painting.’

While Purifier already looks awesome in the photos, it’s also well worth watching the video below to see it in action when you power it on. One of the really cool features is the steam you can see being exhausted from the machine. ‘I utilized a misting system inside the 3D printed exterior to convey the concept of purified mist,’ explains AK.

YouTube Thumbnail

Thanks to the use of quick-connect fittings, the two containers on either side of the central PC unit can be detached and reattached. How does the water-cooling system work, though?

‘In this project, only the CPU is water-cooled,’ AK tells us. ‘I connect the EK-Quantum Kinetic FLT 360 DDC PWM D-RGB – Plexi to the CPU waterblock, and then route it to the rear-mounted radiator before circulating it back to the reservoir.

Purifier sci-fi PC build

Is AK happy with the final result? ‘I feel very satisfied,’ he says, ‘as I have always strived to integrate computer hardware into my artwork. This method of modification presents numerous challenges and difficulties, but upon completion, it brings a great sense of accomplishment.’

Purifier sci-fi PC build specs

Wow, what an amazing PC build. It really looks like a proper piece of space exploration equipment, and the EK-Quantum Lumen screen in the middle suits the concept perfectly. We take our hats off to AK here, who built the entire system from scratch – that’s some real creativity on show.

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