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Get your caffeine hit with this Sneak Energy drink gaming PC setup

With its leaning tower of Sneak Energy tubs, a Sneak Energy shaker, and even a neon Sneak sign, this setup shows true dedication to the caffeine cause.

Sneak energy drink pc setup 01

We’ve seen some interesting gaming PC setup themes in our time, from Aliens and Diablo to Jack Daniels and Hello Kitty, but this gaming setup is a first for us. Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group member, Jake Cheshire, has dedicated his space to being the perfect Sneak Energy drink gaming PC setup.

Custom PC has been celebrating the best PC builds since 2003, and our Facebook group has over 390,000 members. We’ve seen many custom gaming PCs, from case mods to scratch builds. Here we take a closer look at Jake‘s Energy drink gaming setup.

If you’ve never heard of Sneak Energy, well you’re among friends because it was new to us too. A relatively new addition to the energy drink market, Sneak Energy was started in 2018 and they push a range of gaming-focused energy drink powders akin to G Fuel and Rogue energy.

Sneak energy drink pc setup 03

Clearly Jake is a fan as not only does his setup include a pile of what appears to be ten (empty?) Sneak Energy tubs but he has a branded shaker on hand and even has a neon light on the wall that reads SNEAK. While not an official part of the company’s merch range, Jake may well have given them an idea for a future product line.

Sneak energy drink pc setup 04

Joining all this high-caffeine – 150mg a serving – and ginseng-powered gaming fuel is a PC built by the UK system builder PC Specialist (the UK also being where Sneak Energy is based, though it is available in other countries). It uses a Corsair 4000X case and houses an Nvidia RTX 4090 along with a Ryzen 7 7800X3D and 32GB of DDR5 memory, making for a powerful gaming system.

Jake demonstrates that power with a screenshot of a Warzone 2 benchmark that shows this system can hit an average of 217fps at his LG Ultragear monitor’s resolution of 2,560 x 1,440.

Sneak energy drink pc setup 02

Thanks to Jake for sharing his jitter-inducing gaming PC setup with us.

What do you make of these gaming-focused energy drinks? Or what do you make of energy drinks generally? Do you need them to game or are you a cold calculated caffeine free killer?

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