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This dazzling custom gaming PC build is a neon RGB dream

A custom wooden desk adorned with RGB lighting strips along with a neon sign and RGB wall lighting are the highlights of this stunning RGB-filled setup.

Having a triple-monitor gaming PC setup with matching multi-color desktop wallpaper and RGB case lighting is impressive enough but Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group member Kurtis Isbister has taken things to the next level with his custom built wooden RGB desk.

Fashioned from scratch from stained 2″x10″ lumbar the massive corner desk is finished with a striking RGB strip that runs all the way along its front edge. The lighting is actually recessed into a channel with the RGB strips mounted inside and covered with a light-diffusing strip.

Undertaking such a task would be impressive enough on a simple rectangular desk but to do it on such a large corner desk is particularly impressive – routing out the section where the two sides meet can’t have been fun.

Not content with just desk lighting, though, Kurtis has also added RGB strip lighting to the wall that’s arranged in a particularly striking pattern that nicely frames the PC setup while leading up to and slightly underlining the neon ‘to the moon’ sign above. It’s a fantastic bit of desktop design.

Then we come to the PC itself. It stands alongside a trio of high-end monitors in the shape of the massive Corsair XENEON Flex 45WQHD240, the speedy Alienware AW27 and… a cheap basic panel from Walmart. Still, two high-end 240Hz panels out of three isn’t bad!

The PC is built inside a Corsair 5000X case and consists of a raft of 2022’s top-end hardware. There’s an Asus Maximus Z690 Extreme motherboard, an Intel Core i9-12900K CPU, EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti FTW3 24GB (RIP EVGA graphics), and 32GB of 5600MHz Corsair Dominator DDR5 RAM.

Storage is provided by a 2TB Samsung 980 Pro SSD while cooling is taken care of by an Asus ROG Ryujin II 360 RGB CPU cooler, seven Corsair SP120, and three Asus Aura fans. Powering the lot is an Asus Thor 1200W 80+ Platinum power supply.

We really love the custom work Kurtis has put into this gaming setup. While some of the hardware and accessories are premium options, the use of basic lumbar for the desk goes to show a bit of time, effort, knowledge and a few of the right tools can go a long way.

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