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Chill out with this relaxing PC gaming setup

Equipped with a full-size TV, a lounge chair and ottoman, plus a river-effect table for the keyboard and mouse, this PC build is all about the chill.

Eames chair gaming PC setup 01

While many of us are experimenting with more ways to keep our bodies moving while at our desks – via standing desks and under-desk treadmills – one Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group member, Kade Morgan, has taken entirely the opposite approach, creating a gloriously chilled out PC gaming setup.

There are three key ingredients to this setup. The first is perhaps the most crucial, which is the luxuriously relaxing replica of an Eames lounge chair and ottoman (it’s a very nice-looking copy). Angled into an ideal recline, with the ottoman arranged to provide leg support, this arrangement is the ultimate in comfort for most tasks and it works for computing too… if you have the rest of your setup arranged to work with the odd viewing angle.

That’s where the next crucial addition comes in – a TV for a screen angled down towards you. Not only does this require an arm for the TV to get it into the right position, but it needs a standing desk to raise up the height of the desk too – your feet have to go somewhere after all.

Eames chair gaming PC setup 02

Hi Linus!

Then, the finishing touch is the stunning table with a river effect. It’s made from two pieces of wood bisected by a river of epoxy resin, upon which Kade’s mouse, keyboard, and gaming pad sit. This too requires an articulated arm to set the table at the right height for comfortable gaming.

What’s perhaps most striking about this setup is the 100 percent commitment to it. This isn’t a setup that can be used for work or gaming during the day/evening, and then converted into a movie-watching station at night – as we see with so many setups with a TV above the user’s main monitor – but a dedicated reclined gaming setup. It’s the sort of setup we normally see reserved for racing sims, but with none of the dedicated racing gear.

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