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This multi-monitor gaming PC setup has all the screens

With two ultrawide monitors, a 27-inch monitor in portrait, a massive TV and a laptop display, this setup will ensure you never miss a thing.

Crazy multi-monitor PC build five screens 02

We’ve seen plenty of multi-monitor arrangements in our time but this gaming PC setup from Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group member Lesko Bence is one of the most extreme we’ve encountered. Along with a 4K TV at the foot of his bed and next to his desk, there are two 34-inch ultrawide monitors, a 27-inch display in portrait orientation, and a laptop screen too.

This crazy multi-monitor PC build has so much screen real estate that we honestly wonder what anyone could use it all for. Sure, Terry Pratchett was famous for using a six-screen monitor setup but those screens were relatively tiny and low-resolution – two of them would still probably have fewer pixels and take up less space than one 34in ultrawide.

Crazy multi-monitor PC build five screens 01

Whatever it is Lesko gets up to on all those panels, it’s certainly impressive stuff, especially as finding monitor arms that can hold such large panels can be tricky. The 27-inch panel flipped into a vertical orientation is particularly striking – that’s one hell of a long webpage/Twitter feed/Spotify playlist/Discord chat to keep an eye on.

To its left there’s also a neatly-arranged Ikea Skadis pegboard that’s home to an Oculus Quest headset, some gamepads, and a few other trinkets. It may not have quite as many custom-built Skadis tech holders as this highly organized gaming setup, but it’s a great example of what you can use the standard Ikea Skadis hooks and trays for.

The three main monitors are all slightly different, with the bottom central one being a Xiaomi Mi 34, then above that is an LG 34UC79G, and the vertical panel is an MSI Optix G273QF. The 4K TV is an LG C1 OLED.

Crazy multi-mCrazy multi-monitor PC build five screens 03onitor PC build five screens 03

As for Lesko’s PC, it houses an AMD Ryzen 5 5800X3D, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070, and 32GB of RAM in a Phanteks P400A case. That might sound like a high-end system but it is only a few weeks since Lesko upgraded from a Ryzen 5 3600, GTX 1080, and 16GB of RAM, while the screen collection has been built up over years, as Lesko has documented on the Custom PC Facebook page.

What do you make of a PC build with this many screens? Would you have a use for them all? Or, do you leave it to keyboard shortcuts and virtual desktops to help with your multi-tasking?

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