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Is this the ultimate dragon-themed gaming PC setup?

This dragon sculpture atop a PC desk is an amazing sight but sadly all is not quite as it seems. Can you guess what the problem might be?

An enormous dragon sculpture sitting on a gaming PC setup

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that really is an enormous dragon sculpture on a desk. However, there is something else a little fishy about this otherwise slightly mind-boggling gaming setup.

When we first saw this image posted on our Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group we were wowed by the sheer scale(s) of the dragon sculpture in this setup. So much so that we asked the member that posted it – Joe Darden – if we could feature the setup on CustomPC.com. Imagine our disappointment at being told… it’s AI-generated art!

Ok, we were rather foolish and clearly didn’t look closely enough – what kind of keyboard is that!? And why are there three mice-like devices scattered over the desk? Even for a fantasy dragon, that’s a lot of teeth! Ironically, the claws/hands looked pretty close to correct rather than them being the telltale failing of a lot of AI art.

An enormous dragon sculpture sitting on a gaming PC setup

We weren’t the only ones fooled, though. With over 1.4K likes and nearly 5K views, this image clearly caught the attention of many other readers of our group, with many expressing amazement at the gaming PC setup.

Along with Joe revealing the truth (and that the art was generated by a friend of his, digital artist, József Nagy-Berta), user Frank Medina also pointed out the skullduggery and posted several pretty amazing dragon setups of his own which were created using Midjourney V5.

An enormous dragon sculpture sitting on a gaming PC setup

What the reaction to these images clearly reveals, though, is that there’s an untapped space in the PC gaming setup market for some amazing sculpture-adorned setups. We can’t imagine they’d be cheap to buy but we’d love to see someone try and make their own – would you be tempted?

If you do fancy taking on that task, we’d love to see the results on our Facebook group, or let us know your thoughts on this setup on our Facebook page. Meanwhile, for a look at some amazing real-life PC gaming setups, check out our best gaming setups guide.