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The cable-tidying system on this gaming PC build is genius

Using some square PVC piping and mounting brackets, this standing desk cable tidying hack looks smart, and is cheap and easy to make.

PVC pipe standing desk cable tidying solution 01

Keeping cables tidy both inside and outside gaming PCs is a challenge as old as time but with the increasing use of standing desks it has become even more of a challenge. However, this gaming PC cable tidying system is a great way to keep all the cables around your desk in check.

Posted on the Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group by member Rolf Oosterhuis, this standing desk cable tidying hack uses a length of 100 x 100mm square PVC piping that has been mounted to the back edge of the desk. Painted black and holes drilled into it at several places along its length, it allows for cables to enter and exit the pipe where needed and otherwise be kept out of site.

At the end of the pipe, Rolf has used a cable chain to contain any wires that need to run from the desk to the ground, ensuring they can move with the desk as it moves up and down. Also fixed to the underside of the desk is an extra power brick whose cables again run tidily through the pipework.

A set of metal brackets is used to attach the square pipe to the back of the desk in such a way that it sits flush with the edge of the desk. A couple of end stops simply push into the ends of the pipe to finish off the clean look.

We think the end result looked really neat, but what do you make of Rolf’s cable tidying system? Join the conversation to discuss this PC build with our 375,000+ strong member Custom PC Facebook group, where you can also submit your own PC build or gaming setup for consideration. If you want to see more outstanding custom PCs and gaming setups, check out our massive guide to the best PC builds.