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Meet the team behind Custom PC. These are the people who work hard behind the scenes to bring you the latest PC hardware reviews, news and guides.

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Here at Custom PC we go all out on desktop PC hardware, with original writing that includes news, features, guides, reviews, and more. We cover everything that we think is interesting to PC builders, modders, upgraders, overclockers and general PC enthusiasts.

If you love PC hardware, then this is the site for you. With a dedicated editorial staff, we’re always looking to make the site and our coverage as best as possible for our audience.

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This is the current team behind the Custom PC machine. Read our biogs, see what we look like (if you dare), and get in touch.

Ben Hardwidge – Editor

Ben Hardwidge

Editor of Custom PC for over a decade, staff member since 2003, and general PC hardware enthusiast since 1989, Ben has seen it all, from the horrors of CGA graphics to the amazing ray-tracing GPUs of today. As well as overseeing the operations of the old Custom PC magazine and new Custom PC website, Ben still regularly reviews the latest graphics cards.
[email protected]

Edward Chester – Deputy Editor

Edward Chester

An avid tinkerer of gaming PCs since the 90s, Edward has reviewed just about every PC component under the sun during his fifteen years in the industry. Whether it’s CPUs, graphics cards, cases or even foot pedals, he’s tested them all. Currently, his focus is on the latest gaming monitors, mice, keyboards and other peripherals, all of which are used to fuel his latest gaming obsession: Apex Legends.
[email protected]

Antony Leather – Modding Editor

Antony Leather

Antony is Custom PC’s resident PC modding expert. With a career spanning nearly 20 years he’s tried every case mod, overclock and DIY PC technique you can imagine. Currently obsessed with the mini-ITX form factor and hardline water-cooling, Antony regularly creates stunning PC mods that would take pride of place in any gaming room setup.


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Corporate information

Custom PC was founded in 2003 by Dennis Publishing, then bought by Raspberry Pi Ltd in 2019. In 2023 it was bought by Network N and remains a fully owned-and-operated subsidiary of Network N Media Limited. Initially a print magazine devoted to PC hardware enthusiasts, it has since evolved into its current online-only form, where it produces original writing across the PC gaming hardware spectrum, including news, reviews, guides and features.

Network N is registered in England and Wales under registration number 08063183, and our registered office is at Circus Mews House, Circus Mews, Bath, England, BA1 2PW.