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Take a good look at this Goku Black PC build

Not even three gaming monitors can contain the power of this Dragon Ball Goku Black gaming setup that teaches us mere mortals to know our place.

dragon ball goku black pc build 01

We hope you’re ready for the power of this Goku Black PC build, which has three gaming monitors that still aren’t enough to contain the might of Zamasu. Created by mortal being and Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group member, Jonny JustGaming, it’s a mighty tribute to the Dragon Ball universe.

Custom PC has been celebrating the best PC builds since 2003, and our Facebook group has over 400,000 members. We’ve seen many custom gaming PCs, from case mods to scratch builds. Here we take a closer look at Jonny JustGaming‘s Dragon Ball gaming setup.

dragon ball goku black pc build 02

The heart of this build is of course the triple monitor setup and the striking choice of Dragon Ball desktop wallpaper. The monitors are quite modest 1080p, 60Hz, curved Samsung screens (such as those linked below) but proving that you don’t need a super high-end setup to make an impact, Jonny has used a stunning image to create an amazing-looking setup.

The image of Goku Black from Dragon Ball Super going Super Saiyan was generated using Wallpaper Engine ($3.49 on Steam) and perfectly fills the ultra-widescreen space provided by the monitors. The outstretched hands also neatly engage with the wraparound nature of the layout and curved screens.

The monitors are mounted on an Echogear triple monitor mount that uses a single desk mounting point to hold three displays at the same height. It also offers the ability to twist the displays into portrait mode, which could be useful if you don’t have quite the same amount of desk space as Jonny, and makes it easier to reach the ports on the back of the displays.

Picking up the color scheme of the image is a mass of RGB lighting panels behind and to the right of the PC setup. These include triangular panels like the Corsair iCUE LC100 as well as hexagonal panels.

Other parts that complete the setup include two Elgato Key Lights, an Elgato Stream Deck, and Razer Nommo speakers, plus there’s a PS5 hidden away behind the desk too. Meanwhile, the PC itself is an Asus ROG unit that houses an Nvidia RTX 2080 Super, 32GB of DDR4 RAM, and an Intel Core i7 processor.

dragon ball goku black pc build 03

What do you make of this Goku Black wallpaper and color scheme? No more than an appetizer? Let us know your thoughts on the Custom PC Facebook page, via Twitter, or join our Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group and tap into the knowledge of our 400,000+ members. If you want to see more outstanding custom PCs and gaming setups, check out our massive guide to the best PC builds.