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Even the Joker would be so serious about this gaming PC

With its perfectly matched green and purple RGB lighting array, this gaming PC setup instantly evokes the spirit of Batman's chief nemesis.

the joker gaming pc rgb lighting 01

Sometimes, designing a PC mod or gaming setup is all about evoking the spirit of something through clever use of color, lighting, and other design cues. That’s what Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group member, CJ Reyes, has perfectly achieved with his Joker-themed PC build.

Custom PC has been celebrating the best PC builds since 2003, and our Facebook group has over 400,000 members. We’ve seen many custom gaming PCs, from case mods to scratch builds. Here we take a closer look at CJ‘s Joker gaming setup.

The key feature here is of course the lighting that CJ has incorporated throughout his setup and which instantly brings to mind the signature green and purple of the Joker’s hair and suit. The most prominent lighting is from the nine Corsair QL120 fans whose ability to have different colored lighting in the hub and around the rim of the fan has been used to incorporate both signature colors.

It’s a striking effect that is only enhanced by them being mounted in the ever popular Lian Li 011 Dynamic Evo case. This case has a dual-chamber design that puts the PSU behind the motherboard and opens up room at the the front and base of the case to mount six fans. Not only does this provide lots of cooling but it makes RGB fans look amazing, though you are rather forced to invest in at least six of them to fill all the fan spaces.

Joining the fan RGB lighting is a fat stack of four 3200MHz Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RAM sticks along with an NZXT Kraken X53 AIO CPU cooler, although the infinity ring display on the pump isn’t RGB and the fans here are just more of the Corsair QL120s.

Proving why many people choose not to go down quite such an RGB-heavy route (or at last why many of us are so keen to use daisy-chainable fans like the Corsair iCUE Link fans or Lian Li Uni Fan) CJ has had to use a total of six Corsair Lighting Pro hubs and two Commander Core XT fan hubs to control all the RGB on the fans, making for a no doubt headache-inducing cable tidying session.

the joker gaming pc rgb lighting 02

More external lighting comes from a strip of Corsair LS100 Smart Lighting along with a Corsair MM700 mousemat that has an RGB strip around its edge and a Corsair K95 Platinum keyboard that has been retrofitted with Pudding Keycaps (those with shallower sides that let more light spill out).

Ironically, the desktop wallpaper CJ has chosen to match this complex lighting array doesn’t actually include the signature Joker colors but instead offers a particularly menacing largely black-and-white image of the chemical-dipped one.

Thanks to CJ for sharing this great example of the power of RGB lighting with us. What do you make of this lighting scheme? And moreover, do you have a setup that can just as easily morph between themes just by changing a wallpaper and lighting scheme? If so, we’d love to see it.

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