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This is the cleanest white PC build and gaming setup ever

A white PC case housing an Asus motherboard, Nvidia GPU, and glowing white fans combine to make one of the finest minimalist PC gaming setups around.

Cleanest white PC build and desk setup ever

We’ve seen plenty of white PC builds and gaming setups in our time but this example has to be among the cleanest of all. While the PC itself is smart enough, it’s the sheer lack of any other clutter that is so striking.

Its Vietnamese creator, Đức Nguyễn, shared his wonderfully simple creation with the Custom PC Facebook community where we were struck by its stark beauty.

There are three main factors that make this setup so captivating. The first is the PC itself, which uses an MIK LV12 white PC case (a value version of the Lian Li O11 Dynamic) that’s filled to the brim with matching white hardware. Along with the white Asus ROG Strix B660 A Gaming WiFi motherboard, there’s a white Colorful iGame Nvidia RTX 2060 Ultra 12GB graphics card, four sticks of white XPG Spectrix D50 3200 DDR4, and a white Deepcool Castle 360EX A-RGB AIO cooler.

The second factor is that joining the white PC are just three simply-presented peripherals. There’s the white wireless mouse and keyboard – a Logitech G403 wireless and Bàn Phím Cơ AIGUOX GK87, respectively – and the Samsung Odyssey G5 monitor that, while not white (white framed monitors are still rather rare), is mounted on a slim arm that uses a desk clamp mount to ensure there’s no stand below the display, which would clutter the desk. You can just see the monitor’s cables sprouting from the base of the arm and running toward the PC.

Cleanest white PC build and desk setup ever

Finally, and perhaps most surprisingly, is the complete lack of anything else on the desk or walls. No pictures, paintings, plants, or pots. Just a white wall and a dark-colored laminate desk. It would almost be scarily utilitarian – like some dystopian office cubicle – if it wasn’t for the clearly gaming-centric nature of the PC build and of course the calming, peaceful presence of that clean, simple monochrome wallpaper image of a Torii gate.

Many of the components of this build aren’t available in the USA or Europe but we’ve put together a list of our best approximation of the components so you can go about building your own white PC sanctuary, which you can find below.

White PC gaming setup specs

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-13400F
  • GPU: Colorful iGame RTX 2060 Ultra 12GB
  • PC case: MIK LV12
  • Monitor: 32″ Samsung Odyssey G5
  • Peripherals: Logitech G403 wireless and Bàn Phím Cơ AIGUOX GK87
  • Storage: 500GB Samsung M.2 SSD, 2 x 2TB WD Black hard drives for photos and documents
  • Memory: 32GB (4 8GB) G.Skill DDR4
  • Motherboard: MSI Z170 Gaming V
  • PSU: Cooler Master MWE 700 Bronze 700W
  • Cooling: Deepcool Castle 360EX A-RGB AIO cooler

Thanks to Đức Nguyễn for sharing his PC setup with us. For more of the best PC builds or to ask a question of our 350,000+ strong members, join our Facebook group here.