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These Diablo 4 PC builds are the ultimate shrines to Lilith

Celebrate Blizzard's new hack and slasher as we take a look at the best Diablo IV PCs that are packed with demonic lighting and imagery.

Diablo IV PC builds

Diablo 4 is now upon us and to celebrate, we’ve picked out the best Diablo 4 PC builds from our Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group. We’ve got demons, pentagrams, candles, and more in these fine gaming setups.

The first system comes from group member David Mills, who showcases three Diablo IV-themed artworks from Displate each of which he has then used as the color scheme inspiration for the RGB lighting and desktop wallpaper of his gaming setup.

The first Displate picture shows the demon Lilith and is accompanied by classic red lighting. The second poster is of Malthael, the cool blue lightning effects on which have been picked out in the RGB lighting. Finally, the glowing yellow fireball of a wizard is picked out from the last Displate picture.

This whole setup really is a perfect showcase of what RGB lighting can and perhaps should be about. While dazzling chaotic RGB light shows are rather fun, the real strength of programmable RGB lighting is being able to pick just the right color to fit the theme you’re going for.

The PC itself houses just the sort of high-end system you might expect to be powering a setup with four screens. There’s an Intel Core i7-13700K, an MSI GeForce RTX 4090, MSI Z790 Carbon motherboard, and that central screen is a Samsung G8 Neo 240Hz 32-inch panel.

However, you certainly don’t need quite such high-end hardware to run this game. In fact, you can check if your PC meets the recommended specs and minimum Diablo 4 system requirements over at PCGameBenchmark.

Our second Diablo IV PC build comes from Ronn van Dee whose setup takes full advantage of its dual monitors to showcase the stellar official Diablo IV artwork. On the left screen is that iconic image of Lilith again, while the right screen depicts Inarius and Lilith together. Hidden inside the PC, screens on the CPU cooler and graphics card also show Diablo IV artwork.

The red theme of the Lilith image is picked out with the case and mousemat lighting, along with the Windows taskbar color. Although, this time the RGB lighting isn’t quite fully in sync, with Ronn’s keyboard in full random RGB mode and the mouse lit up blue. Still, we love the overall commitment to a game we’re all excited about playing.

Speaking of which, if you’re looking to get the most from the game when it arrives then check these PCGamesN guides to the best Diablo 4 settings and Diablo 4 builds. Meanwhile, for a final verdict on the game, check out its Diablo 4 review.

Next on our list is this devilish delight (below) from Christopher Aquino. It’s a simple setup with a single ultrawide screen and few desk adornments but the color scheme is on point and the game is right there ready to roll.

Diablo 4 gaming setup 04

It’s a similar story with Zach Creste’s super-clean PC build (below) that entirely eschews any Diablo 4 theme but proudly display’s the game’s artwork on both his main and secondary screens. Maybe that’s the point here – the games imagery is so compelling that you don’t need much to draw you in.

Diablo 4 gaming setup 05

So popular is Blizzard’s new title that even Nvidia has got in on the act, showcasing a stunning Diablo 4 Lilith PC in the video below.

YouTube Thumbnail

For even more Diablo 4 PC builds, check out this thread on our Facebook group created by Christopher Aquino. You’ll need to join the group to see it but why wouldn’t you want to do that anyway!

Are you excited about the arrival of Diablo IV and have you themed your PC around the new game? If so, we’d love to see your setup. Just join our Facebook group and tag it with Diablo 4 to get in on the fun. Meanwhile, check out our best gaming setups guide if you want to see more outstanding custom PCs inspired by everything from Portal to old-school hot rods.