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Colorfire completes Meow Series with cat-themed PC case

Colorfire completes its cat-themed Meow Series with the addition of a PC case, following the launch of its Meow graphics card and motherboard.

Colorfire meow cat pc case 00

We’ve been following for the last few months the steady release of cat-themed ‘Meow’ products from Chinese computer parts manufacturer, Colorfire (owned by Colorful), including the release of its Meow cat graphics cards and Meow cat motherboard. Now the company has completed the lineup (for now) with the launch of a Meow cat PC case, the Colorfire Meow x Segotep Meow Orange Series Chassis.

Sporting the same delightfully cheery theme as the graphics card and motherboard, the new micro-ATX case has on its front the series’ signature orange tabby cat, Bobi, with its little hooded jacket and bizarre gaming goggles. The left side panel also houses a window through which you can see the insides of the case along with another cute depiction of our game-playing cat chum.

Colorfire meow cat pc case 01

On the right side panel we have a rear view of the character complete with a little tail. Prominent ‘MEOW’ slogans also adorn the front and right side panels.

On its own, the case is certainly quite cute but it would be in combination with the Meow B760M motherboard and either of the Meow RTX 4070 or RTX 4060 Ti cards that you’d really complete the look. What’s more Colorfire plans to release matching SSDs, memory, and power supplies in the future too.

Colorfire meow cat pc case front and side

Colorfire is also planning to launch a black and purple version of these products, based around a different black-furred cat character names A1+. It’s apparently a British short-haired cat with ninja skills and a correspondingly cool color scheme.

The case supports mini-ITX and micro-ATX motherboards and can house up to three 2.5-inch SSDs and one 3.5-inch hard drive. It also has space for up to a 170mm tall CPU cooler, 240mm AIO cooler, and six 120mm case fans. It won’t be able to house a monstrously powerful system or likely make it into our best PC case list, but it’s enough space and cooling capacity for a decently powerful gaming system.

Colorfire meow cat graphics card orange and purple

As with the previous graphics card and motherboard launches, the big downside with this new Meow case and the rest of the Meow lineup is that it’s currently exclusive to China, with no current plans for worldwide availability. However, you might be able to arrange a direct export or get a local friend to ship you one out, if you have such contacts. Otherwise, you’ll have to make do with other cat-themed PC accessories like the Razer Kraken kitty headset.

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