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New Razer Kraken Kitty V2 headset range stretches its claws

Razer's cat-ear-themed headset range gets an update and a paw full of new models, including Kitty Ears V2 that you can add to your choice of headset.

Razer Kraken Kitty V2

In a spot of purrfect timing for international cat day, Razer has today announced an updated and expanded range of its cat ear-themed headsets. The new Razer Kraken Kitty V2 range has a slightly updated design and includes a new USB model, a new Bluetooth version, and the standalone Kitty Ears V2 that can be attached to any other headset of your choosing.

The first of the new kitty litter is the Kraken Kitty V2, which has a fixed USB connection to connect to your computer or games console. Its design has been tweaked from that of last-year’s Kraken Kitty V2 Pro, with it including bigger, pointier ears that we have to say do look much more cat-like to us.

The new headset also includes RGB lighting inside the ears as well as RGB-lit Razer logos on the earcups. The specs of the new Kitty V2 are otherwise a step down from the V2 Pro, though. It has smaller 40mm drivers, lower sensitivity, the microphone isn’t removable and you can’t swap out the ears for bear or bunny ears. But, that’s why the Kraken Kitty V2 price is $100, rather than the $200 of the Pro.

Razer Kraken Kitty V2 BT

The second new headset is the Kraken Kitty V2 BT, which swaps the USB connection for Bluetooth. Its microphone is also built into the earcups, rather than on a boom, making this a much more travel-friendly option – ideal for visiting your neighbor’s lawn. Its battery lasts 40 hours between charges and it charges over USB-C. It otherwise has the same core specs as the V2 and the Kraken Kitty V2 BT price is $100 too.

Razer Kitty Ears V2

Last but by no means the runt of the litter is the Razer Kitty Ears V2. These are quite simply little plastic ears that clip to the headband of other headsets. Like the rest of the range, they’re available in pink (quartz) or black (black and green) and the Razer Kitty Ears V2 price is just $20.

For those unfamiliar with Razer’s Kraken headset, it’s the company’s more casual gaming headset, aimed at both PC and console gamers. That’s as opposed to the BlackShark V2 lineup that’s a more eSports PC gamer headset and the Barracuda that’s a travel-oriented option.

The full range of Kraken Kitty V2 headsets and accessories is available to buy right now, both from Razer‘s website and other retailers.

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