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Colorfire’s new Meow motherboard takes the cat fight to Razer

Colorfire expands its cat-themed white and orange MEOW range with a new B760 motherboard that supports the latest LGA1700 Intel CPUs.

Colorfire B760M MEOW WIFI D5 cat motherboard 00

Who’s the king of kitty cat-themed kit? Razer would like to take the title with its Kraken Kitty V2 range, but Colorfire‘s cat graphics card and new cat motherboard give it a strong claim of its own. The just-announced new Colorfire B760M MEOW WIFI D5 cat motherboard supports Intel 13th-gen CPUs with its LGA1700 socket and B760 chipset, and it includes Colorfire’s now signature MEOW color scheme and cat motifs.

This micro-ATX motherboard doesn’t pull any scratches when it comes to its cat theme and color scheme. There’s the main cat logo on the IO cover, a sextet of cute gaming logos sits on the chipset heatsink along with the slogan ‘cats rule the world’ (a bit ominous if you ask us), and there are paw prints throughout.

The whole PCB itself is also white – even on the underside – and the orange lettering runs throughout, making for a board that’s probably quite practical to use compared to the illegible grey-on-black writing of many motherboards. We still don’t quite get the color scheme’s connection to cats, though.


The board includes a full-sized 16x PCIe slot and an additional 4x slot, along with four DDR5 memory slots. It also boasts a 12+1 phase VRM power delivery system, along with three M.2 slots (a notable upgrade over some older micro-ATX boards) and four SATA 6Gbps ports. A Realtek 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet port is also present and you get Intel Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. For an apparently budget board, it’s quite the health selection.

Colorfire B760M MEOW WIFI D5 cat motherboard 02

The rear IO panel is also reasonably well-equipped, with HDMI and DisplayPort video outputs, four USB-A 2 ports, two USB-A 3.2 ports, and a USB-C 3.2 port. There are also Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections, along with a trio of audio outputs.

Colorfire B760M MEOW WIFI D5 cat motherboard 03

The B760M MEOW WIFI D5 joins Colorfire’s only other Meow products so far, which are MEOW RTX 4070 and RTX 4060 Ti graphics cards. There are also purple and black variants of these cards – the Shadow Purple range – though there’s not such a version of the motherboard yet.

While the Colorfire Meow range wouldn’t necessarily be our first design choice, we do like to see a bit of variation in the overall styling of our PC tech. So it’s a shame that this range is currently exclusive to China, where you can pick up the motherboard for a very reasonable price of 1099 RMB ($152). You can find our current pick of globally-available motherboards in our best AM5 motherboard and best Z790 motherboard guides. Our choice of best budget Intel motherboard is the ASRock Z790 PG Lightning D4.

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