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New Powercolor RX 7800 XT takes white color scheme to next level

Including a white front shroud, backplate, I/O bracket, and even PCB, the Powercolor Spectral White Edition Radeon RX 7800 XT is fully desaturated.

Powercolor Spectral White Edition RX 7800 XT Hellhound 01

Powercolor has unveiled the Powercolor Spectral White Edition RX 7800 XT Hellhound, an all-white version of the AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT graphics card that truly leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of as pristine a snowy look as possible.

White PCs are all the rage at the moment and Powercolor has embraced the trend fully with its Spectral White Edition graphics cards. The range isn’t new, but the Powercolor Spectral White Edition RX 7800 XT Hellhound is the first AMD Navi 32 GPU variant to appear on the market. Already considered our pick for the best mid-range graphics card on our best graphics card list, if you’re also into the white PC theme, this card could be a no-brainer.

The extent to which Powercolor has embraced the white theme is impressive. Obvious areas like the fans, fan shroud and back plate fit the theme but even the I/O shield, PCB, heatsink fins, and heatpipes have been given the snowy treatment. So extensive is the proverbial bleaching that it’s actually a little surprising to note that the two eight-pin power connectors are in fact standard black connectors, though thankfully they’re somewhat hidden by the card’s cooler.

Powercolor Spectral White Edition RX 7800 XT Hellhound 01 features

Along with its color scheme credentials, the AMD graphics card incorporates a host of potentially welcome features. For a start, there’s an array of LED lighting that can be manually switched between white, blue or off.

As with many modern graphics card, the fans won’t spin up til the GPU gets above 60°C, and the trio of 9-bladed fans apparently offer a 3°C reduction in GPU temps compared to previous generation fans. The heatpipe-attached copper plate also incorporates VRAM coverage, helping ensure those components are more actively cooled.

The card also includes a dual-BIOS feature, whereby you can swap between an overclocked BIOS or silent BIOS at the flick of a switch. Notably, Powercolor emphasises that the OC BIOS “increases fan RPM to keep your card operating at a lower temperature to drive higher performance”, rather than it cranking every last drop of voltage and heat out of the card.

We’ve seen some stunning white PCs among our picks of the best PC builds and this card is sure to make for an ideal addition to any such build.

But what do you think? Is the white PC trend done and is the RX 7800 XT the card to go for? Let us know your thoughts on the Custom PC Facebook page, via Twitter, or join our Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group and tap into the knowledge of our 420,000+ members.