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Intel Core i9-14900KS appears in wild, clock speed revealed

New Intel 14th-gen flagship CPU spotted in PC system for sale online, showing 200MHz boost in turbo clock speed over Core i9-14900K.

A new flagship Intel 14th-gen CPU has been spotted for sale, showing there’s room for Intel’s latest Raptor Lake refresh to go even further when it comes to clock speed. The new Intel Core i9-14900KS was shown as part of the spec for a pre-built system available on etailer PCOnline in Israel.

According to the spec of the system, the new Intel Core i9-14900KS clock speed is 6.2GHz. That’s a 200MHz increase over the 6GHz turbo clock frequency of the Intel Core i9-14900K, putting it forward as a contender for the best gaming CPU.

Intel has had a couple of years to refine its 10nm manufacturing process, first seen in 12th-gen CPUs such as the Core i5-12600K, and it looks like the company now has a strong enough yield to output Raptor Lake CPUs that can clock all the way to 6.2GHz.

Interestingly, though, the listing itself is for an otherwise curiously underpowered system, which was spotted on the Anandtech forums. There’s no discrete GPU from Nvidia or AMD, for example, instead relying on the CPU’s integrated UHD 770 GPU. It doesn’t use one of the best Z790 motherboard options either, with the system instead using a much cheaper board based on the budget H610 chipset.

Intel Core i9-14900KS system listing

Likewise, you only get 16GB of 3200MHz DDR4 memory, rather than some of the latest DDR5 memory that’s supported by Intel’s 14th-gen platform. Instead, this system is geared towards work that takes advantage of the CPU’s multi-threading power, which looks to be formidable.

There’s also a weird Google Translate quirk if you look at the page in English, where the summary makes it look as though this top-end CPU comes with DOS instead of Windows, but the full page shows that this actually means it comes with no OS installed

If previous KS-series CPUs, such as the Core i9-12900KS, are a benchmark, the Core i9-14900KS will have the same eight P-cores and 16 E-cores as the Core i9-14900K – the only difference between them is likely to be the clock speed. For example, the Core i9-13900KS added 200MHz to both the base clock and turbo clock of the Core i9-13900K.

It’s highly likely that the Core i9-14900KS will have a higher power rating in order to give it headroom to boost to 6.2GHz as well. For example, the Core i9-13900K has a base power of 125W, while the Core i9-13900KS has a base power rating of 150W, though both CPUs have a maximum turbo power rating of 253W.

Intel Core i9-14900KS specs

The expected Intel Core i9-14900KS specs list is:

Base frequency 3.4GHz (P-Cores), 2.4GHz (E-Core)
Max boost frequency 6.2GHz (P-Cores), 4.4GHz (E-Cores)
Core Raptor Lake refresh
Manufacturing process Intel 7 (10nm)
Number of cores 8 P-core, 16 E-core
Number of threads 32
IGP Intel UHD Graphics 770
L3 cache 36MB
L2 cache 32MB
Memory controller Dual-channel DDR5 5600MT/s and DDR4 3200MT/s
Packaging LGA 1700
Thermal design power (TDP) 150W (Max turbo power 253W)
Hyper-Threading  Yes
Features Thermal Velocity Boost, Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, Application Performance Optimisation, Thread Director, AES, AVX, AVX2, AVX512, FMA3, MMX(+), SHA, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, SSE4A, SSSE3

Intel Core i9-14900KS price

The expected Intel Core i9-14900KS price is $699, based on previous KS-series CPU launches, as no announcement has been made.

Price: Expect to pay $699 (£689).

Intel Core i9-14900KS release date

The expected Intel Core i9-14900KS release date is January, 2024, based on previous KS-series CPU launches, as no announcement has been made.

With the exception of the 20-core Intel Core i7-14700K, the Intel 14th-gen CPU launch has largely been a bit of a non-event. The CPUs, such as the Core i5-14600K, are decent enough, but they’re basically the same as their 13th-gen equivalents, just with a little bit of extra clock speed.

We’ll have to wait until the launch of the Intel 15th-gen lineup, which is largely rumored to be based on the Intel Arrow Lake architecture, before we see a significant difference between Intel CPU generations again.

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