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Intel Arrow Lake CPU leak shows big performance leap over 13900K

New 15th gen Arrow Lake S Intel CPUs will also use new LGA-1851 socket but have similar cores counts to Intel 13th and 14th gen processors.

intel arrow lake 15th gen benchmark performance 00

A new Intel Arrow Lake S CPU leak suggests the company’s 15th-gen processors could be as much as 21 percent faster than current 13th-gen chips. Also seemingly confirmed is that the new chips will use a new LGA1851 socket, instead of the LGA1700 socket of current Intel CPUs.

The leak comes from Igor’s lab and supposedly shows internal Intel testing of its 15th-gen chips versus the current 13th-gen Intel Core i9-13900K and upcoming 14th-gen Raptor Lake S Refresh across a range of benchmarks. And while the range of performance increase from 13th-gen to 15th-gen varies roughly between 7 and 20 percent, the tests show a peak increase of 21 percent.

intel arrow lake 15th gen benchmark performance

Considering the Arrow Lake will be two generations newer than the CPUs being compared to here, you might think a mere 21 percent performance increase isn’t all that impressive, but it’s still a decent increase in the wider scheme of things. Moreover, these tests expose that we can probably expect the 14th-gen Raptor Lake S Refresh chips to be even more underwhelming. There are just 1-4 percent gains for the new chips compared to the 13900K.

intel arrow lake 15th gen benchmark performance 02

However, while performance against the top-tier CPU from this generation might not be all that impressive, there’s still scope for lower-tier chips to have larger gains. It will all depend how Intel splits up the range, what clock speeds it can achieve, and the pricing landscape.

It’s also possible that exact performance could change as the chips get closer to retail readiness. After all, Arrow Lake S isn’t expected to arrive until well into 2024.

Igor’s lab also shows details of the upcoming LGA-1851 socket that will apparently be used for these chips. As its name suggests, it will use 1,851 pins, instead of 1,700, but otherwise seems to use a very similar design to the current Intel socket.

intel arrow lake 15th gen lga-1851 socket

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