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Intel 14th gen price leak is great news for budget PC builders

The Intel Raptor Lake Refresh prices will remain the same as Intel 13th gen CPUs, according to leaked Intel slides which also confirm earlier specs leaks.

An Intel Core i7 and i9 box appear next to a large dollar sign on a magenta backdrop.

Leaks are coming thick and fast as the Raptor Lake Refresh CPU lineup approaches the market. The latest leak, obtained by HD Tecnologia, takes the form of alleged Intel slides providing details on the upcoming processors. The good news? If this leak is correct, Intel 14th gen prices will remain the same as their 13th gen counterparts. Considering inflation has been pushing prices up in many industries, including hardware, that’s a welcome surprise.

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Intel has remained fairly tight-lipped on the new generation ahead of the Intel 14th gen release date, so most of the information we have comes from leaks. HD Tecnologia is known to provide reliable information when it comes to hardware leaks, but Intel has yet to officially confirm these slides show correct and current info.

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The Intel 14th gen specs confirmed by this leak are:

Cores Threads Boost clock TDP Price
Intel Core i9 14900K 24 32 Up to 6GHZ 125 $589
Intel Core i9 14900KF 24 32 Up to 6GHZ 125 $564
Intel Core i7 14700K 20 28 Up to 5.6GHZ 125 $409
Intel Core i7 14700KF 20 28 Up to 5.6GHZ 125 $384
Intel Core i5 14600K 14 20 Up to 5.3GHz 125 $319
Intel Core i5 14600KF 14 20 Up to 5.3GHz 125 $294

As you can see, this leak confirms that the pricing structure for the Raptor Lake Refresh lineup has stayed the same as the previous generation, at least for US buyers. However, an earlier Intel 14th gen price leak suggests that could differ wildly depending on your region and currency.

As it stands, Intel could well have created some of the best CPUs for gaming, with strong single-core performance and high boost clock speeds at a reasonable price. Having said that, possible price reductions to the 13th gen processors could be the best news for those looking to assemble a new rig on a budget, especially as 13th and 14th gen processors can be used on the same motherboard.

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