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This Intel 14th Gen price leak is all over the place

Leaked prices for Intel Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs have been appearing online, and the prices vary wildly depending on what country you're in.

Intel 14th gen price leak: an Intel Core i9 CPU box appears next to a dollar sign above a red background.

Intel’s 14th gen CPUs will be arriving very soon, and more and more unconfirmed details about the upcoming desktop CPUs are appearing online. However, this is the first time we’ve seen an Intel 14th gen price leak. It comes from UK and Spanish retailers who have mistakenly revealed the possible prices for multiple CPUs, and some figures are nearly 20 percent more expensive in euros than pounds sterling.

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Firstly, Overclockers UK accidentally listed three Intel CPU models on its website ahead of the Intel 14th gen release date, alongside their prices:

The leaked UK Intel 14th gen prices are:

  • Intel Core i9 14900K (£579)
  • Intel Core i7 14700KF (£398)
  • Intel Core i5 14600K (£320)
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These listings were quickly taken down, but not before being discovered by eagle-eyed hardware account momomo_us on Twitter. These prices are only a small increase from their 13th gen counterparts which were £570 for the Core i9 13900K, £380 for the i7 13700KF, and £300 for i5 13600K. That’s a two to seven percent increase, so nothing outrageous.

In US dollars, the leaked prices translate to $711.66 for the i9 14900K, $489.19 for the i7 14700KF, and $393.32 for the i5 14600K. But, the next leak shows that Intel has decided against price parity across different currencies and regions.

Elsewhere in Europe, Spanish retailer Coolmod also leaked prices for two of these models. That’s convenient, as it allows us to compare the markup. As you can see, the prices in euros see a much bigger leap from the previous gen than for the UK market.

The leaked Intel 14th gen prices in Euros are:

  • Intel Core i9 14900K (€799.96, €140 more than the i9 13900K*)
  • Intel Core i5 14600K (€430, €88 more than the i5 14600K*)

*According to calculations done by Club386.

In US dollars, that amounts to $847.58 and $455.60, respectively. That’s nearly 20 percent more than the UK prices for the i9 14900K, which is pretty staggering. Of course, these prices are unconfirmed, so you’ll have to wait to hear the official pricing before you draw any firm conclusions.

It remains to be seen how the Intel 14th gen CPUs will match up to the rest of the market. Given Intel’s excellent track record, it’s likely that a few of the new processors will crack our best gaming CPU list.

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