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The best Star Wars PC case builds to celebrate May 4th

Join us as we share our favorite Star Wars PC builds and gaming setups, from water-cooled AT-AT and Star Destroyer rigs to themed BB8 and Rogue One machines.

AT-AT Star Wars PC build

It’s Star Wars PC build day at Custom PC today (it is May the 4th, after all), and we’re serving our kind with this selection of Star Wars PC case mods, gaming setups and builds. You’ll find everything here, from computers crammed into Star Wars toys to themed rigs. Join us as we celebrate some of our favorite computers from a galaxy, far, far away.

Custom PC has been celebrating the best PC builds since 2003, and our Facebook group has over 375,000 members. We’ve seen many custom gaming PCs, from mods based on existing case designs to scratch builds. In this feature we’ve shared our favorite Star Wars PCs and gaming setups.

1. Steal the Death Star plans with this Rogue One PC

Star Wars Rogue One PC case build

That’s no moon! You’re right, it’s the wrong shape for starters, but the front fascia of this Star Wars Rogue One PC takes inspiration from the hallways walls of the Empire’s infamous Death Star space station.

Created by expert PC modder Bill Owen from MNPCTech for Robot Entertainment when launching the Rogue One PC game, this machine features a custom vertical GPU mount made from 3D-printed parts, as well as an illuminated AT-AT mural on the side. Best of all, you can even buy one for yourself, based on an Intel Core i9-12900K, if you have $13,999 burning a hole in your wallet.

2. This Venator class Star Destroyer PC is enormous

Star Destroyer Venator PC build

This Venator class Star Destroyer PC build is an incredible piece of work. Rather than basing it on a simple model, PC modder Asphiax (who also created the AT-AT PC further down this page) constructed the chassis himself from CNC-milled aluminum sheet and 3D-printed parts, and it contains a full water-cooled PC.

We particularly love the fiber optic lighting system that makes it looks like it’s an active spaceship. This is truly stunning work, and it’s well worth reading through Asphiax’s full blog about how it was built. This machine was so good that it picked up first prize at the MSI Promod Series 3 competition.

3. Count the Vaders in this Star Wars gaming setup

Darth Vader Star Wars PC game setup

This Star Wars PC gaming setup is a bit on the dark side, being based on the Empire’s notorious protagonist in the original trilogy. The interior centers around the Sith edition of an Nvidia Star Wars Titan Xp graphics card, while the front fan grilles are based on TIE-fighter cockpits. Add a lightsaber, a load of red lighting and a massive load of Darth Vader goodies, and you have a gloriously over-the-top Vader setup. Its creator, self-described ‘tech guy working in IT’ Carlos, has uploaded more pics and details here.

4. This BB8 gaming PC is on the ball

BB8 gaming PC

With its stunning interior, this BB8 gaming PC might actually be the droid you’re looking for. It might not look like a cute droid with a ball-shaped body, but its creator, PC modder Kamil Lee, took inspiration from BB8’s orange and white color scheme to create this super-clean water-cooled PC build. It features a custom distro plate design and its creation involved several coats of white paint. See more of this Star Wars BB8 gaming PC build.

5. It’s a PC in an AT-AT

AT-AT Star Wars PC build

What could be cooler than an AT-AT toy? An AT-AT toy with a PC in it, of course. PC modder Asphiax took the iconic doggy spacewalker and managed to squeeze a water-cooled mini-ITX system into its interior, as well as some fantastic lighting.

Star Wars AT-AT PC build

Cleverly, the water-cooling system hooks up to two 240mm radiators (the tubing goes through the legs), which are housed in a base on which the AT-AT stands, and we love the fact that you can lift the doors to see all the inner workings. We thoroughly recommend taking a look at Asphiax’s blog to see how much love and labor went into building this Star Wars AT-AT PC.

6. This Stormtrooper is lending some support

Gaming PC with a white paint and lighting scheme includes a white stormtrooper GPU holder

Sometimes really simple ideas can be effective, and you don’t necessarily need to attack your PC case with a Dremel and spray can to create a great-looking Star Was PC. This dazzling all-white PC is a case in point, which was created by Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group member Robert Lachance.

His choice of white components and lighting already looks good, but our favorite part is the stormtrooper that’s acting as a graphics card support to stop the card from sagging. Yes, this Stormtrooper is actually doing something useful – whatever next? See more of this Star Wars Stormtrooper PC build.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Star Wars PC build special, and you can discuss these builds, and make Star Wars jokes, in the discussion on our Twitter and Facebook pages. There are also loads of other amazing PC builds to see in our top PC builds feature. And if you love gaming check the PCGamesN guide to the best Star Wars games.

We’ve seen some truly outstanding custom PC builds and gaming setups from our readers and community, and we’re always eager to see more. If you’ve built a PC that’s out of the ordinary, assembled an awesome gaming setup, or converted a room into a cool gaming den, then we’d love to see it! Join our Facebook group, which has over 375,000 members, if you’d like to submit your own work for consideration.