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This bizarre SilverStone IceMyst AIO CPU cooler has 12 fans

Never worry about VRM, M.2 SSD or motherboard cooling again with this all-in-one liquid CPU cooler that lets you add as many fans as you like.

It’s a well-known minor downside of using all-in-one (AIO) water coolers that they tend to reduce airflow over the rest of your motherboard when compared to traditional air coolers. This can lead to high VRM temperatures as well as less cooling for even the best M.2 SSDs.

That’s not a problem with the new Silverstone IceMyst AIO cooler, though, as it lets you add fans to the top of the pump housing to help keep that area cool.

Ordinarily, you might choose to add one or two fans to your IceMyst cooler setup but the company has demonstrated that you can in fact stack as many fans as your motherboard’s PWM fan hub will allow, which in this instance is nine extra fans – to go along with the three fans already attached to the 360mm radiator.

Images source: Club386

It’s a clearly preposterous setup – not least because it simply wouldn’t fit in most cases – but we can see the benefit in having perhaps up to three fans targeting different areas of your motherboard.

Spotted by club386 at the Computex 2023 trade show in Taiwan, the contraption allows for the company’s IMF 70 fans to be magnetically stacked on top of the pump housing, underneath the housing’s illuminated display. As their name suggests, these fans are 70mm in diameter so don’t move anywhere near as much air as the best 120mm fans or 140mm fans but they’ll be enough to reduce the worst motherboard hot spots.

Details such as a Silverstone IceMyst price or Silverstone IceMyst release date aren’t clear as yet but we’ll update this story when that information comes to light.

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