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The best tech from Computex 2023

Computex 2023 is drawing to a close and it has been a stellar year so far with exciting announcements from the likes of Asus, Corsair, Frore, Noctua and more.

Computex 2023

Computex used to be the big show for PC hardware announcements as its location in Taiwan is home to dozens of the biggest players in tech. The likes of Acer, Asus, Cooler Master, Gigabyte, MSI, SilverStone, and of course TSMC – the world’s largest producer of CPUs, GPUs, and other chips for our PCs.

In recent years its influence has waned as more and more companies choose to make big announcements via online streaming. However, Computex 2023 has been a stellar year with a host of exciting products and technologies announced or showcased. Read on below to see our pick of the best PC tech from Computex 2023.

1. Asus’ cableless graphics card power connector

Asus gc_hpwr graphics card power connector

Kicking things off, we have this innovative new solution from Asus for replacing the annoying PCIe power cables required for graphics cards. This new Asus graphics card power slot instead delivers the power through a slot on your motherboard, cleaning up the look and airflow of the insides of your case. The new slot requires new motherboard and graphics cards – and you still have to plug the power cables into the back of the motherboard – but it makes graphics card installation easier and results in better looking systems. Asus is expected to release some products that use the system later this year.

2. Corsair iCUE Link daisy-chained cooling tech

Corsair iCUE Link

Also catching our eye was the new Corsair iCUE Link technology that allows for fans, AIO CPU Coolers, and the company’s Hydro X water-cooling components to be daisy-chained together via a single cable, rather than each component needing its own cable. We’ve seen fans that can be attached to each other before, such as the Deepcool FC120, but iCUE Link extends the concept even further. The downside is the system requires all new components, as it uses a proprietary cable, but will make for far easier system installation.

3. Stunning Fractal Design Terra case

Fractal Design Terra 04

This next item wasn’t so much an exciting technology as just a wonderful-looking product. The Fractal Design Terra is a new mini-ITX case that just looks so good with its tiny form, thick aluminum panels, and walnut wooden detailing. It’s also a practical design that can accommodate huge graphics cards such as the RTX 4080 thanks to a clever moving internal mounting panel. Already available to by, it’s a premium case costing $180, but it looks to be worth every penny.

4. SilverStone’s many-fanned CPU cooler

Image source: club386

One of the most eye-catching products on show this year was the new SilverStone IceMyst CPU cooler, which is a range of conventional AIO liquid CPU coolers but with the ability to add extra fans to the pump/heatplate section of the cooler. These allow for better cooling of your motherboard VRMS, M.2 SSDs, and memory and they look great too. The system allows for as many fans as you like – just remove the top plate and drop in a new fan – and the whole system is wireless with magnets used to hold the rotatable fans in situ. It’ll be arriving later this year.

5. Cooler Master’s color-changing cooler coating

Cooler Master color changing CPU cooler

Another innovation in cooling aesthetics, a new Cooler Master color-changing CPU cooler was being demonstrated at the show. While temperature-dependent color-changing coatings are nothing new outside of PC parts, this version worked particularly well for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the striking color change between black and bright orange really highlights the hotspots. Plus, the temperature range at which the color activates means it again perfectly highlights the temperature changes seen on PC cooling components. The coating is just a concept at the moment but could be applied to all manner of components.

6. Frore Systems mind-blowing AirJet fan

Frore Systems AirJet mini

Finishing off our roundup of what we now realize was quite cooling-centric cool stuff from Computex, we have the Frore Systems AirJet. This new device uses piezoelectric oscillation to waft air at breakneck speed to make for an incredibly small yet powerful cooler. It’s ideal for laptops and small PCs but we can also see its potential for motherboard cooling, M.2 SSD cooling, and incorporation into exotic CPU and GPU coolers. It’s available now but we’re only just starting to see products that use it.

That’s it for our best Computex 2023 bits but what did we miss? What other announcements caught your eye? Let us know via the Custom PC Facebook page, Twitter account, or join our Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group and tap into the knowledge of our 390,000+ members.