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Thermaltake unveils super low profile Pacific SW1 Plus CPU waterblock

Thermaltake's new CPU cooling waterblock sports an industrial chic style with a hefty top metal ring and internal RGB lighting but very low profile design.

Thermaltake Pacific SW1 Plus 01

The Thermaltake Pacific SW1 Plus is a new CPU water block that the company makes plenty of bold claims about when it comes to its performance but first and foremost just looks great.

The circular form of the SW1 and over-engineered metal ring around its perimeter is highly reminiscent of the sorts of caps found on industrial pressure vessels, giving it a look of quality and heft. Of course, the internal RGB lighting ring slightly dampens that impression but it’s still a neat look option.

The other notable aspect of the design is how low profile it is, with the ring that covers the baseplate sitting well below the four fasteners that sit on each corner. There are no specific claims from Thermaltake about it being a record-breakingly low waterblock but it certainly looks slim.

Thermaltake Pacific SW1 Plus 02

As to the performance aspects of this new heat soaker upper, its base is solid copper finished in a tarnish-resistant nickel coating while the upper section is solid aluminum. The inlet and outlet are housed within the top window of the unit with both being equidistant from the edges, rather than the inlet blasting water at the center of the base plate. An array of 0.2mm microchannels are used to help transfer heat as rapidly as possible to the water flowing round the water block.

That RGB lighting ring can be controlled through Thermaltake’s RGB Plus 2.0 software, which lets you monitor coolant temperature as well as CPU core temperature. The lighting has12 addressable LEDs for fine-tuning the display.

Thermaltake Pacific SW1 Plus 03

The Pacific SW1 Plus is also compatible with Intel LGA1700 and AMD AM5 sockets, will fit all of the processors in our best CPU list. It can also be installed without additional brackets.

We’re yet to get information on the price and availability of the new waterblock but will update this story once that information comes through.

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