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New Thermaltake Tower 200 Mini-ITX case has LCD screen, fits RTX 4090

The new Mini-ITX chassis from Thermaltake has a tiny footprint but fits the Nvidia RTX 4090, has a color LCD screen on its front, and has a glass front window.

Thermaltake Tower 200 01

Tower-shaped mini-ITX cases are nothing new but the Thermaltake Tower 200 puts a fresh spin on the idea. With a larger footprint than some rivals, the Tower 200 puts its capacity to good use by being able to house a full-size RTX 4090 graphics card alongside a 280mm radiator and even includes a full-color LCD screen on its front.

The chassis is a shrunk-down version of the company’s large Tower 500, which sports the same layout but accommodates up to E-ATX motherboards. The style has the motherboard upright at the back of the case with the graphics card mounted vertically to the left and, in the case of the Tower 200, up to a 280mm radiator (or two 140mm fans) mounted vertically on the right. The power supply is then hidden in the base of the system.

Thermaltake Tower 200 03

The end result is a case that perfectly shows off its GPU, motherboard, and cooling solution (RGB fans and an AIO cooler seem like a must for the full effect). As well as offering a great view of your components, this layout, with a single front glass panel and vented side panels, makes for an ideal cooling arrangement for graphics cards that blow air through the card, as is the case with most Nvidia RTX 4000 series Founders Edition cards.

Making the Tower 200 even more striking is the addition of a 3.9 inch TFT-LCD panel that can be nestled into a slot on the front base of the case. It’s sold separately for an as yet undisclosed amount but the matching panel for the Tower 500 costs $120.

The case comes with two Thermaltake CT140 non-RGB fans, which are fitted to the top and rear fan mounts by default, where they provide extra cooling and free up the front fan mounts for RGB fans.

With dimensions of 537 x 300 x 280mm, the Tower 200 has a particularly large footprint for a vertical mini-itx case. The Kolink Rocket, for instance, is 214.5 x 212.5mm and 448.5mm tall. But, it’s still much smaller than typical ATX cases such as the Antec D700 Flux that measure 220 x 467 x 486mm.

The Thermaltake Tower 200 release date and price haven’t been officially revealed but it’s currently listed on shops such as Ebuyer.com as out of stock. We’ll update this story as these details come to light.

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