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Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 16GB price drops below MSRP already

European retailer lists the brand new graphics card for €30 under MSRP just a week after launch, confirming that sales of this strange card are struggling.

nvidia gefroce rtx 4060 ti 16gb price drop

A German retailer, Mindfactory.de, has already listed an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 16GB at €30 below MSRP, just a week after the new card went on sale, in a move that seems to confirm general public sentiment that the card would struggle to sell.

With the new 16GB variant of the existing RTX 4060 Ti 8GB known to offer almost no boost in performance other than in some extreme VRAM-limited situations, it seems like retailers know full well the public aren’t going to pay the extra $100/€100 demanded for the extra VRAM card.

As first reported by hardware.info, the particular card in question is an MSI GeForce RTX 4060 Ti Ventus 3x that is selling for €519 at Mindfactory, rather than its €549 MSRP. While the price drop isn’t huge and only affects this one example so far, we wouldn’t be surprised if we price cuts spread around the world over the coming weeks as stock continues to not sell.

That situation could even accelerate if AMD’s reported mid-range cards, the RX 7800 and RX 7700 appear sooner rather than later. Currently, the RTX 4060 Ti ($399) and RTX 4070 ($599) occupy a position in the overall graphics card market that isn’t matched by options from AMD (or Intel), with AMD having a huge price gap between its RX 7600 ($269) and RX 7900 XT ($899). If the RX 7800 and RX 7700 are price and performance competitive, we’d wouldn’t be surprised to see both variants of the RTX 4060 Ti get price drops.

Ironically, if those price drops come to pass, the RTX 4060 Ti in both VRAM variants could actually flip round to being quite a compelling card. It has the raw performance to satisfy the 1080p gamers it’s aimed at but its high price means it offers poor value. If its prices were to drop from $399 and $499 for the two VRAM variants to around, say, $329 and $429, we could see some major changes in our best graphics card list.

For now, though, the AMD RX 7600 remains the standout 1080p card when it comes to value and if you are tempted by the slightly higher overall performance and much better ray tracing abilities of the RTX 4060 Ti, the 8GB is still the one to go for, so long as you’re careful not to max out its VRAM.

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