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New Nvidia driver 536.99 adds Baldur’s Gate 3 support and more

Latest Game Ready Driver update brings 'the best gaming experience' for Nvidia GeForce GPUs with Baldur’s Gate 3, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Gord.

Nvidia driver 536_99

Nvidia has released its latest Game Ready graphics card driver that ‘provides the best gaming experience’ for three new games that support the company’s DLSS 2 technology. Nvidia driver 536.99 adds Baldur’s Gate 3, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Gord to the list of officially supported games with Nvidia DLSS 2 tech.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the just-released and long-awaited third installment in the official Dungeons & Dragons RPG that brings with it new racesskills, and even romance options. Meanwhile, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is an upcoming (August 18, 2023) asymmetrical horror game that has teams of ‘victims’ face off against ‘killers’ in this tribute to the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre film.

Finally, Gord is an upcoming (August 17, 2023) dark fantasy strategy game from Polish studio Covenant, which was founded by former The Witcher 3 producer Stan Just. It’s based on Slavic folklore and integrates ‘developing societies, eerie forbidden lands, and remarkable mythical creatures’.

Along with these newly supported games, this latest driver release includes several bug fixes such as improving game stability in Battlefield 2042 when applying GeForce Experience Freestyle filters, and improving game stability in Dead Space.

The full list of Nvidia GeForce Game Ready driver 536.99 features is:

Fixed issues

Fixed gaming bugs

  • [Control] [DX12] Cut scenes and videos show tearing and partial jitter [4084000]
  • [Battlefield 2042] Game stability can decrease when applying GeForce Experience Freestyle filters. [4170804]
  • [GeForce Experience] Game stability can decrease when applying a GeForce Experience Freestyle filter in certain games while using DLSS 3 Frame Generation [4171660]
  • [Dead Space] Game stability issues [4140545]

Fixed general bugs

  • [Elgato Wave Link] Potential audio issues with Nvidia Broadcast effects [3752618]

Known issues

  • [Halo Infinite] Significant performance drop is observed on Maxwell-based GPUs. [4052711]
  • [DaVinci Resolve] This driver implements a fix for creative application stability issues seen during heavy memory usage. We’ve observed some situations where this fix has resulted in performance degradation when running DaVinci Resolve. This will be addressed in an upcoming driver release. [4172676]

Package contents

  • HD Audio Driver —
  • Nvidia PhysX System Software — 9.21.0713
  • GeForce Experience —
  • CUDA — 12.2
  • DCH Nvidia Control Panel — 8.1.964.0

You can follow this link to download the Nvidia GeForce driver 536.99 for Windows 10 and 11.

As well as software and games support, the latest Nvidia driver of course brings compatibility with all its latest graphics cards, such as the RTX 4060 or our current choice for a mid-range card in our best graphics card guide, the RTX 4070.

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