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Cinebench 2024 benchmark adds GPU testing

The latest Cinebench 2024 update brings new single-core and multi-core CPU benchmarks and introduces GPU benchmarking too, for easy whole-system testing.

Cinebench 2024

A classic of home and professional PC benchmarking has received a big update with the release of the new Maxon Cinebench 2024 benchmark. Along with updated single-core and multi-core CPU benchmarks, the new version adds GPU testing, providing a reliable three-click means of testing arguably your system’s three most important performance criteria.

The free benchmark has long been a favorite of home users and professionals for testing general system performance upgrades, checking for stability when overclocking, analysing CPU temperatures, and more. While it is a synthetic benchmark, previous versions have been valued for how accurate they are at showing true relative real-world performance of CPUs – CPU makers haven’t generally been able to cheat their way to better Cinebench scores, like they have with some benchmarks.

The new update follows the last major release, which was Cinebench R23, and has ballooned in download size from the 250MB of that version to 1.3GB for the latest iteration. The Cinebench 2024 benchmarks are also a lot more taxing and take far longer to complete. For instance, a single render pass of the multi-core CPU test in Cinebench 2024 took several minutes on an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D, compared to around 50 seconds for the same test on Cinebench R23, in our testing.

Maxon includes a handful of comparison test results in the software, including an Apple M1 Ultra that tops the CPU multi-core charts with a score of 1625, followed by an Intel Xeon W-3265M with a score of 1579 and an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX with a score of 1201. Our Ryzen 7 5800X3D managed a score of 769.

Cinebench 2024 multi-core benchmark

As for the single-core test, Maxon’s listed tests show the Apple M1 Max on top with a score of 114, followed by the M1 Ultra (113), and M1 (112). The next result it shows is an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, suggesting these example test results aren’t exactly the most comprehensive. Somewhat confirming this, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 in our test rig topped the example results, and we all know it’s not the fastest GPU going.

Cinebench 2024 single-core benchmark

We don’t currently use Cinebench in our CPU or GPU test procedures but it’s something we could incorporate. For more details of how we measure for the best CPUs and best GPUs, check our how we test page.

The Maxon Cinebench 2024 download link can be found here, with versions available for x86_64 Windows, MacOS, and Arm64.

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