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Logitech G735 review

This premium Logitech wireless gaming headset looks stylish, includes Bluetooth, is lightweight, and comfortable but it's quite pricey too.

Logitech G735 review 01

Our Verdict


A fantastic premium headset, as long as you don’t want it in black.

The Logitech G735 is a sleek, stylish wireless gaming headset aimed just as much at traveling as PC gaming. It’s also only currently available in white. You can customize the headset with lime green or pink earpads and mic arm ($20 for a set) but there’s no black version.


It’s a risky design choice, but the G735 otherwise has a special design. Even compared to the EPOS H3Pro Hybrid and Razer Barracuda, which have similar street-ready aspects to their design, the G735 is seriously sleek. The headband is effortlessly elegant as it broadens gently towards its middle, then slims down to a single polished steel pivot point upon which the earcups spin.

Logitech G735 review 02

The addition of braille markings on the headband, to indicate left and right, is also a nice touch and the earcups themselves are compact, as well as wonderfully smooth and lozenge-like.

Logitech has even managed to squeeze some quite prominent RGB lighting into the design. Between the earcup padding and the rest of the earcup is a rubber skirt, which covers a tilt mechanism (that allows the padding to tilt up and down to adjust to your head). Behind that skirt, and shining through it, is a ring of RGB lighting. It’s prominent when it’s powered on but disappears cleanly into the design when it’s off.

Logitech G735 review 05

This simple headset also only weighs 260g – 100g lighter than some other headsets in its class. Combine that weight with the really soft, deep earcup padding and the equally soft, though not all that deep, headband padding and you have a headset that’s deceptively comfortable. It stays secure too, despite the arm-length adjustment just using a friction fit around the steel pivot poles.

Despite all this impressive compactness, the G735 still includes plenty of features. The left earcup houses the removable mic arm, along with the USB Type-C charging port, mic mute button, 3.5mm analogue jack, volume wheel and power button.

Logitech G735 review 03

The right earcup has a Bluetooth button (that also switches between wireless and analogue inputs) and an A/B switch, which lets you adjust the mix between Bluetooth and either the wireless or analogue inputs, so you can take a call while still hearing your game, for instance. It’s a great set of controls that feels intuitive, easy-to-use and precise, though there’s a bit of a learning curve with so many small buttons spread around the headset.

Our least favourite aspect of this headset is its microphone. Its audio quality is fine for voice comms, but its mostly fixed position (it’s flexible but doesn’t stay where you bend it) and lack of stowage makes it less convenient than fold-down options when sat at your desk, and it leaves an unsightly hole when removed – the white finish makes it particularly obvious.

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Back to the good stuff, and the G735 has great overall sound quality. It’s not up with the EPOS H3Pro Hybrid for stereo image, spaciousness and detail but it provides a bassy, warm yet detailed sound. With a rating of 16 hours of battery life with its RGB lighting turned on, the G735 is seemingly down on its rivals, but turning off the lighting more than triples battery life.

Logitech G735 pros and cons


  • Effortlessly stylish design
  • Comfortable and light
  • Loads of features
  • Decent sound quality


  • Quite expensive
  • Clunky microphone arm
  • Only available in white

Logitech G735 specs

The Logitech G735 specs list is:

Audio config Stereo and virtual surround
Connections 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack input, USB Type-C charging
Frequency range 20-20,000Hz
Sensitivity/Sound pressure level Not stated
Microphone frequency response 100-10,000Hz
Microphone sensitivity Not stated
Weight 260g
Battery Life 16 hours gaming with lighting, 56 hours gaming without lighting
Extras RGB lighting, Detachable microphone, swappable ear pads and microphone

Logitech G735 price

The Logitech G735 price is $199 (£199), making it a premium wireless gaming headset but it offers plenty for its price.

Price: Expect to pay  $199 (£199)

Logitech G735 review conclusion

Assuming you don’t mind its white colour, the Logitech G735 is excellent. It’s stylish, compact, light, easy-to-use, comfortable, has great battery life when the lighting is turned off and it sounds decent too. You don’t get quite the sound quality or active noise cancelling of the EPOS, but otherwise this headset largely lives up to its premium price. If the Logitech G735 isn’t quite the headset you were looking for, check out our best gaming headset list for more options.