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EPOS H3Pro Hybrid review

This high-end gaming headset's active noise cancellation (ANC) tech and removable microphone can transform it into a set of premium travel headphones,

EPOS HyPro Hybrid wireless gaming headset green and gold

Our Verdict


Expensive but this headset doubles as a set of ANC-equipped travel headphones, plus it sounds great, has loads of features and is comfortable.

We’ve generally been impressed with the growing gaming headset lineup of EPOS (previously Sennheiser), with the GSP 300 being among our favorite budget wired headsets. The new H3Pro Hybrid is at the other end of the scale to the GSP 300, though, with a premium price and lots of features to go with it.

Sporting a design that’s an evolution from the company’s previous headsets, the H3Pro Hybrid is a smarter, sleeker-looking unit than the previous GSP range. The three color options – black and dark blue, white and light grey and dark green and gold – are relatively subtle and in tune with trends in premium headphone design.

That sense of embracing headphone design is reflected in the simplified headband too. The GSP range used a wide, split design that was less elegant than the single-piece design here. We expected this to compromise comfort, as the split design was excellent at distributing the headset’s weight, but the H3Pro Hybrid’s memory foam padding proved very comfortable.

Comfort levels in general are excellent thanks to a nicely contoured earcup design that closes around your ears for a secure fit but doesn’t put pressure on them. The earcup padding is deep and soft and has a lovely plush finish on the surface that touches your head while the padding sides have an easy-to-clean pleather finish.

EPOS HyPro Hybrid wireless gaming headset blue

Fit adjustment is via the notched sliding earcup arms. We found them difficult to adjust while on your head and too easy to knock otherwise, so you can’t just set and forget the headband. We ended up memorizing how many notches per side we liked in order to dial in the right fit before donning the headset.

For features, the H3Pro Hybrid is packed to the gunnels. Along with USB dongle-based wireless audio, you get Bluetooth, direct USB-C audio and a 2.5mm analog jack input. Annoyingly, though, the analog input only works when the headset has power, which slightly defeats the purpose if you ask us.

Otherwise, audio quality is fantastic and easily tops the charts in this group test. Detail levels are well out ahead of the pack and there’s a spaciousness and width to the stereo image that far surpasses the other headsets. Music feels alive and your sense of direction and place when gaming is greatly increased even without engaging the excellent virtual 7.1 surround mode (via EPOS’ software). Tapping the Bluetooth button (aka the smart button) can be set to switch between 2.0 and 7.1 modes or between the preset EQ modes.

Back to those features and as well as having EPOS’ signature large, excellent quality fold-down microphone, the H3Pro Hybrid has a secondary inbuilt microphone that is used for mic noise canceling as well as powering the headphone active noise canceling (ANC).

The ANC isn’t the most accomplished we’ve used but takes the edge off the worst road/rail/jet noise. What’s more, the primary microphone can be removed (it’s magnetically attached) and the inbuilt mic relied on entirely, making for a cleaner, more portable arrangement.

There’s a pleasingly large and easy-to-feel-for volume wheel on the right earcup but it’s disappointingly unresponsive, taking a quarter turn to respond then changing the volume in large increments.

EPOS HyPro Hybrid wireless gaming headset white

Battery life is middling for a gaming headset, with a rating of 30hrs for wireless use without ANC and 38hrs over Bluetooth without ANC. Those figures are notably a big step down from the more basic EPOS GSP 370, though, which managed 100hrs.

EPOS H3Pro Hybrid pros and cons


  • Superb sound quality
  • Comfortable
  • Loads of useful features
  • Includes ANC


  • Expensive
  • Unresponsive volume wheel
  • Slightly awkward headband adjustment

EPOS H3Pro Hybrid specs

The EPOS H3Pro Hybrid specs list is:

Connections 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth, USB-C charging and audio, 2.5mm analog jack
Frequency range 20-20,000Hz
Sensitivity / sound pressure level 116dB
Mic frequency response 100-7,500Hz
Mic sensitivity -20dB
Weight 308g (288g without boom mic)
Battery Life 30 hours wireless (19 hours with ANC), 38hrs Bluetooth (22 hours with ANC), 29 hours with 3.5mm cable (19 hours with ANC)
Extras Detachable mic arm, mic arm joint cover plate, secondary internal mic, smart button, USB-A extension cable, USB-C cable, active noise canceling (ANC)

EPOS H3Pro Hybrid price

The H3Pro Hybrid is among the most expensive gaming headsets you can buy but it offers far more than most too. In particular, its active noise canceling isn’t a feature you’ll find on many other gaming headsets.

Price: Expect to pay $270 USD / £190 GBP

EPOS H3Pro Hybrid review conclusion

Despite its slightly unresponsive volume wheel, the EPOS H3Pro Hybrid is a superb gaming headset. Its sound quality is class-leading plus it’s largely very comfortable and is packed with useful, easy-to-use features.

Its ability to morph into an ANC-enabled, travel headset by removing its boom mic is also a huge boon for regular travelers not wanting to splash out on an extra set of headphones. So good do we think the H3Pro Hybrid is that it makes our list of the best gaming headsets.