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Intel Core i5-14600K benchmark leak shows 5.7GHz clock speed

A new Geekbench benchmark leak shows Intel's upcoming mid-range 14th-gen Raptor Lake refresh CPU will clock 600MHz faster than the 13600K.

The Intel 14th-gen Raptor Lake refresh CPU release date is right around the corner, with review sites widely reporting receiving review samples of the upcoming chips. As such, it’s no surprise that benchmark leaks are becoming more and more common, with the latest Intel Core i5-14600K benchmark leak showing the chip will clock significantly higher than its predecessor.

The leaked benchmark numbers appear on the Geekbench website, where the clearly show the model number of the tested CPU being the Intel Core i5-14600K. The benchmark listing also shows the core count – 6 P-core and 8 E cores – along with the cache configuration that consists of 64KB of instruction cache and 32KB of data cache per core along with 4MB of L2 cache and a shared 32MB L3 cache.

Intel core i5-14600k benchmark leak specs

Also shown are the actual single-threaded and multi-threaded Geekbench scores of the chip, which are 2,819 and 16,666 respectively. Those figures compare to 2,659 and 14,802 for the current-gen Core i5-13600K. These results tally with the fact the 13600K and 14600K are set to have the same number of cores but that the 14600K runs at a 600MHz or 12 percent faster clock speed.

Intel core i5-14600k benchmark leak result

The new Intel 14th-gen processors are set to use essentially the same Raptor Lake architecture as current 13-the chips but with a refined manufacturing process and some slightly tweaked core configurations, to try and eke out as much power and clock speed from this architecture. The new manufacturing process is the Intel 4 process, which uses a smaller transistor size compared to the Intel 7 process used for 13th-gen, which should allow these chips to run at these higher clock speeds without huge leaps in power consumption or heat output.

If these impressive clock speed gains do manage to come to pass and power consumption and heat output is kept under control, these new chips are sure to take the fight to AMD’s Ryzen 7000 X3D chips when it comes to the best CPU for gaming. And those that own existing LGA1700 motherboards will be able to easily drop in these upgraded CPUs. For more information on other CPUs in the 14th gen range, check out our Intel 14th-gen release date and specs guide.

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