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Intel 15th gen support already added to Noctua coolers

Austrian cooler brand Noctua has been busy and sneakily added LGA1851 CPU socket support to its popular NH-U12A and NH-D15 coolers, ready for Intel Arrow Lake.

Noctua Coolers show Intel LGA1851 compatability

Intel 15th gen LGA1851 socket support is on the way with Noctua emerging as the first cooler manufacturer to mention Intel‘s future CPU socket. The support is listed on two of the company’s coolers, making them the first to be forward-compatible with the upcoming Intel Arrow Lake socket.

Rather than making a big song and dance about the added compatibility, the socket support was instead simply spotted on the packaging. It was first noticed while being sat on the shelves at the Tsukumo Computer store in Akihabara, Tokyo.

Tom’s Hardware confirmed that compatibility with the LGA1851 socket isn’t noted on the Noctua website for the NH-U12A, and this is still the case at the time of writing. However, the NH-D15 does advertise LGA1851 support within its features. It may just be a case of online specifications lagging behind the packaging that has made its way to retail stores, but we’ll keep an eye on any further developments.

What’s so striking about this future support listing is that Intel 15th gen LGA1851 processors are not expected to arrive until well into 2024. For retail packaging to show future compatibility like this is just about unheard of. Then again, maybe it’s a genius bit of upselling to customers, with the company making it abundantly clear that using its products is an investment in the future.

Outside of far future CPU support, these coolers will also of course be compatible with Intel 14th gen CPUs, which are expected to arrive very soon and use the existing LGA1700 socket. Excitement is building for this new generation with the general consensus being that mid-October is when they will be available in retail stores. According to a leak from Enthusiastic Citizen, the Intel Core i9-14900K, i7-14700K, and i5-14600K CPUs look set be released next month. This leaves the non-K lines reserved for the first week of 2024.

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