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Nine lucky people get early Intel 14th gen CPU after retail mishap

German retailer Alternate accidentally sold at least nine copies of the Intel Core i9 14900K Raptor Lake Refresh processor for $685.

Intel 14th Gen Core i9 14900K: a large Core i9 box appears next to eight small but otherwise the same boxes against a red background.

At least nine units of a high-tier Intel 14th gen processor have been accidentally sold ahead of embargo by a German retailer. The upcoming, new Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs were listed ahead of time and some lucky hardware enthusiasts jumped on the opportunity to snag the likes of the flagship Intel Core i9 14900K.

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The Intel 14th gen release date isn’t due until October 17, 2023, but Alternate accidentally put the i9 14900K up on eBay yesterday for €684.99, just €21 more than its current Intel Core i9 13900K listing. Bear in mind that this mistaken listing doesn’t give us enough information to make any firm conclusions about pricing just yet, as pricing can vary by region and individual retailer.

Although the error was swiftly rectified, and the listing removed, it wasn’t fast enough for at least nine eagle-eyed enthusiasts who managed to purchase the product on eBay. It’s unknown at this stage whether Alternate intend to honor the purchases, although it’ll have eBay breathing down its neck if it doesn’t.

The eBay listing confirms what we expected about the Intel Core i9 14900K specs, with 24 cores, 6.0GHz clock speeds, and 65W TDP, alongside a swathe of other information about the product including its weight and that it’s sold as a tray unit. Although the latter point may be a peculiarity of this particular listing.

We’re pretty confident at least one of the new Intel 14th gen processors will make its way onto our list of the best gaming CPUs. But if you can’t wait until they release, check out that list for our current recommendations on what you should choose for your next build.

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