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ID-Cooling Frozn A620 CPU cooler is big on cooling, tiny on price

With a huge 260W cooling capacity and a price tag of just $50, this new dual-tower CPU cooler looks to offer excellent value for money.

ID-Cooling Frozn A620

There’s a new bang-for-buck CPU cooler contender in town, with the newly announced ID-Cooling Frozn A620 offering a hefty cooling capacity for a tiny price. While it’s too early to say if ID-Cooling‘s latest effort will earn a place on our best CPU cooler guide – we’ll have to test it first, after all – its specs are strikingly good.

The ID-Cooling Frozn A620 is a dual-tower heatsink cooler, so it has two stacks of aluminum fins attached to a baseplate via a total of six heatpipes. The pair of fin stacks combined then offer a total of 108 aluminum fins for one hell of a lot of heat dissipation.

The dual towers are cooled by a pair of 120mm fans, with one sat between the towers and one blowing air through from the front. Alternatively, you can configure the fans with one in the middle and one at the back pulling air through the fins, which provides much greater RAM clearance than the front fan configuration – 40mm with push configuration, 65mm with pull configuration.

The overall dimensions of the cooler are 120 x 140 x 154 mm (W x D x H), which is reasonably compact for a dual-tower design. With the cooler only using 120mm fans, rather than 140mm fans, it doesn’t step into the realms of truly gargantuan coolers, such as the Noctua NH-D15.

The fans are PWM-controlled and can spin at 500 to 2,000rpm. They’re rated to produce only up to 29.85 dBA of noise, which is impressively quiet, while offering up to 78.25 CFM of airflow. The fans don’t have RGB lighting, so they just plug into standard 4-pin headers on your motherboard.

Like several modern CPU coolers of this type, the Frozn A620 has the fin stacks topped by capping plates to cover up the tops of the heatpipes. What’s more, the fans are also squared off around the sides so that the whole cooler presents as an almost completely cuboid unit, rather than a mess of fins, pipes, and fans.

ID-Cooling Frozn A620 02

Further aiding its styling is an all-black finish with reasonably subtle FROZN writing on the top plate, along with a few diagonal line details. It’s certainly a smarter unit than the likes of the NH-D15.

The baseplate of this cooler is nickel-plated copper that appears to have a machined finish rather than a fully polished finish, though we’re awaiting confirmation on this. The cooler also ships with the company’s Frost X25 thermal compound, which has a thermal conductivity rating of 10.5W/mk.

Once combined, all these fins and heatpipes manage to provide up to 260W of cooling power for the Frozn A620, which would allow it to deal with most Intel and AMD desktop CPUs. It’s also rated to be compatible with all such CPUs too, with support for AMD Socket AM4 and AM5 motherboards, and Intel sockets all the way back to LGA115x.

All that and this Chinese cooler costs just $50. While there are a few other options at close to this price, such as the strikingly similar-looking $64 Deepcool AK620 and the $55 Cooler Master Hyper 620S, this cooler has most beaten for price and styling. If its performance and build quality also hold up to scrutiny, that’s going to make it a serious cooler contender. For now, though, you can find our current CPU cooler recommendations in our best CPU cooler guide.

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