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Elgato Stream Deck Mobile app now free to use

Control your PC from your iPhone or iPad with the now free-to-use Stream Deck Mobile app, with up to six buttons available for free.

Corsair Elgato Stream Deck Mobile app free

Elgato has made the Elgato Stream Deck Mobile app free for all to use. The Elgato Stream Deck range of programmable keypads is established as an easy and powerful way to control your PC, thanks to its software letting you control many sophisticated functions at the touch of a button. That functionality was also available via the company’s Stream Deck Mobile app, but until today you had to pay for the privilege. There are a couple of caveats to the free version, though.

The new app is restricted to only Apple iPhone and iPad users for the moment, with an Android version available but not being included in the new free-to-use scheme.

There are other limitations too. The free version can only be used to control up to six buttons, so while you can program those buttons to perform anything and everything from muting a microphone, to changing your RGB lighting color, or firing off a Photoshop macro, you’ll only be able to assign up to six functions.

Opt for the Pro subscription that costs either $2.99 per month, $24.99 a year, or $49.99 for a lifetime subscription, and you get up to 64 buttons available for programming. The iPad version is also a native iPad app, so it takes full advantage of the screen’s real estate, and you can even run two Stream Deck keypads side-by-side for access to up to 128 buttons.

The Corsair press release also proclaims that ‘customization is at the heart of today’s update’, pointing out the app’s ability to operate in dark and light modes, offer keypad rotation, support community plugins, and offer support for multiple profiles. However, the lack of Android support does slightly contradict this notion.

Stream Deck Mobile is available now for download on the Apple App Store.

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