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New Deepcool Assassin IV cube cooler gets ghostly white treatment

Now available in black or white versions, the Deepcool Assassin 4 WH is one clean-looking cube cooler with an easy installation system.

Deepcool Assassin IV 4 white

Deepcool has just unveiled an ice-cold white version of its perfectly cube-shaped Deepcool Assassin IV, making for one of the slickest-looking air CPU coolers on the market. The white Deepcool Assassin 4 joins its previous black sibling in offering a completely self-contained cooler that’s a far cry from the usual mess of fans and fins on most coolers.

Thanks to its striking design and what appears to be a very easy installation procedure, the new Deepcool CPU cooler looks every bit like it could be a contender for a place on our best CPU cooler list, assuming its cooling performance is anything like as impressive as the company’s best PC fan-topping Deepcool FC120 fans.

Key to what should appeal about the Assassin IV/Assassin 4 is of course its design. Its heatsink/fan section is a near perfect cube shape, giving the whole thing a clean aesthetic that conventional CPU coolers with exposed heatsinks and fans just can’t compete with.

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Also crucial, though, is that Deepcool has really thought about how to make the Assassin IV not just look like a singular cube of cooling power but have it act like one too. As such, the 120mm front and 140mm middle fans are connected to a single fan control so only one cable is needed to attached to your motherboard’s fan header.

Deepcool has also incorporated a switch on the side of the cooler that can flip the fans from a silent mode to a faster-spinning mode. Plus, to install the cooler, you only need to pop off the top middle grille, slide out the middle fan (with cable still attached), and reach your screwdriver down through the center of the cooler to tighten the two fixings that attach to the motherboard mounting plate. There’s none of the multiple cables, awkward fan clips, and sharp heatsink fins of other coolers.

Completing the look, Deepcool has ensured the heatpipes and contact plate match the white color scheme, and we love the varied-depth grid pattern on the front of the final heatsink – a subtle but crucial design touch.

The existing black Deepcool Assassin IV price is $100, and we’d expect the white version to retail for the same amount, even though Amazon UK currently has a listing for the white version that’s 40% more expensive than the black version.

Only yesterday we saw just how popular manufacturers believe white PCs to be, with Powercolor announcing a white AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT, and its a trend we don’t see stopping any time soon. After all, the white paint does a better job of reflecting and showing off all those RGB lights!

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