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New AOC U32G3X and U27G3X bring 144Hz+ to 4K gaming monitor lineup

The 32" and 27" IPS gaming monitors are arriving in shops soon, with prices that are competitive, especially for these high refresh rates.


AOC has unveiled two new 4K gaming monitors in the shape of the 32″ U32G3X and 27″ U27G3X. Both feature refresh rates of over 144Hz, ensuring your gaming experience should not only be pin-sharp but super smooth too.

The new AOC contenders for the best gaming monitor both include claimed 1ms GTG response times, though as our testing of response time has shown, quite how that claimed figure translates to real-world average response time remains to be seen.

Both panels also boast 1.07 billion-color, 10-bit color depth panels, though AOC doesn’t make any bold claims about HDR capability – they’re only rated to DisplayHDR 400. Each also comes equipped with two HDMI 2.1 ports and two DisplayPort… ports. Both also include fully adjustable stands, with height, pivot, rotation, and tilt movements.

Looking in more detail at the larger of the two new panels, the U32G3X has a pixel density of 140 ppi, which in our experience offers an ideal balance of extra sharpness without feeling like slightly wasted pixels, as can be the case with even higher pixel density screens. The extra 24Hz refresh rate over other 120Hz 4K screens will likely not be all that noticeable but every little helps.


As for the U27G3X, its 163 ppi pixel density will make for a super fine image where no pixel is discernible at normal viewing distances. That’s sure to bring games and video to life, though it can often be not that useful for desktop work. As for the 160Hz refresh rate, this should provide a noticeable boost over 120Hz 4K panels but if you’re really after the most responsive monitors, you’ll be wanting to seek out the best esports gaming monitors.

The U27G3X release date is mid-November 2023, and it will have a competitive price of £499.99 (these exact models aren’t launching in the US). Meanwhile, the larger U32G3X will arrive in December 2023, for £649.99.