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Vertagear PL4500 review

This Vertagear P-Line PC gaming chair is specifically designed for tall people, and it features a quality tilt system, although it could be more comfortable.

Vertagear PL4500 review

Our Verdict


A good-value chair that offers plenty of features and decent build quality for the price, but it’s lacking in some key areas.

The Vertagear P-Line (PL) range of chairs is aimed at bigger and taller gamers than most chairs, with the base level PL1000 made for people measuring up to 6ft, 2-inch and weighing 110kg, while the range-topping PL6000 welcomes bodies up to 6ft, 8-inch tall and weighing 169kg. The Vertagear PL4500 sits in the middle, made for users up to 6ft, 6-inch tall, although it’s only rated for up to 100kg of weight.

This apparent focus on taller, slimmer gamers comes through in the shape of this chair, as it’s not overly generous with its width. While the likes of the noblechairs Hero accommodate larger sitters by flattening out the various protrusions at the side of the chair, the Vertagear PL4500 has quite severe shoulder, hip, and leg wings to keep you securely wedged into place. As such, even my fairly slim 6ft 2in frame didn’t have a lot of room to manoeuvre.

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Thankfully, the cushioning on the seat is much more generous. It’s still on the firm side, but with a little more spring than the likes of the noblechairs Hero or Corsair T3 Rush. The contouring is good too, with a reasonable drop off at the front that prevents it from digging into your thighs.

Elsewhere, the overall comfort level on this chair is middling, with the lumbar support cushion being too hard and having too severe edges. It also doesn’t have a strap system to hold it in place. The head cushion is pleasant and soft though.

In terms of styling, the black and blue combination here lacks a certain finesse for our tastes, although that’s a subjective assessment. It’s neither outlandish enough to be fun nor staid enough to go unnoticed. The combination of materials is more successful though. The wings are finished in a hard-wearing faux leather that should help the more exposed parts to stand the test of time.

Meanwhile, the seat and back cushions have a soft fabric finish that feels pleasant when you’re sitting on them. Plus, the covering prevents you from sticking to the chair while also gripping your clothing, so you don’t slide down the chair.

The chair has an impressive feature set for the price as well. You get a quality tilt system that lets you lock the chair in a number of reclined positions, and the tilt system is a little better balanced than some offerings too, allowing you to tilt yourself back without having to prop up your feet, like on a cheaper gaming chair. The base is also a heavy-duty solid metal affair, and the castors have a large diameter and roll freely, making it a doddle to move this chair.

As with the Vertagear SL5000, you can also add RGB lights to the PL4500. For a whopping $300, you can adorn the holes in the seat’s back with RGB lighting that will sync up with your system’s RGB lighting. There’s even a kit for another $300 that will add underlighting to the base. It seems to us more than a little silly to spend so much money on RGB lighting for a chair – even a streamer surely couldn’t justify the base lighting, but the option is there if you really must have as much RGB bling as possible.

Vertagear PL4500 pros and cons


  • Good seat padding
  • Uprated tilt system
  • Decent overall build quality


  • Too narrow for a tall chair
  • Poor lumbar support cushion
  • Lackluster styling

Vertagear PL4500 price

Price: $489 (£434).

Vertagear PL4500 review conclusion

The Vertagear PL4500 is a real mixed bag of a gaming chair. Its pricing is reasonable for a chair with an uprated tilt system, the seat cushioning is good, and there are quite a few other decent features, such as the quality of the castors. However, the lumbar support system is poor and overall comfort is middling. Its constriction from the various side wings also dents its apparent appeal to big and tall gamers.

If you’re not the right height for the Vertagear PL4500 to fit you, then check out our noblechairs Hero review, which is our current favorite gaming chair. You can also read our full guide to getting a comfortable ergonomic gaming setup, which includes help with finding the most comfortable gaming chair.