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Trust GXT 981 Redex review

With quality Kailh switches and a 10K DPI sensor, the Trust GXT 981 Redex belies its low price, though it's a particularly small mouse.

Trust GXT 981 Redex review 01

Our Verdict


Impressively petite and perfectly capable but spending just a tiny amount more gets you a lighter build and better sensor.

The Trust GTX 981 Redex gaming mouse is markedly small, being 12mm narrower and 15mm shorter than the NZXT Lift, for instance. It weighs only 74g but considering its size that makes it relatively dense by modern standards. As a result, it’s best suited to those with smaller hands, though its shape is surprisingly accommodating to larger paws. The gentle inward curve of the sides centers the fingers well, while the relatively high, flat sides provide room for your fingers to grip.

In terms of styling, the backlit GXTrust writing on the rear isn’t the most alluring, and the overall design lacks the sleekness of some other options, but you do get software-programmable RGB lighting around the scroll wheel and illuminating the rear.

For features, the Trust is very similar to most of the other mice on test, with just one extra DPI button sat behind the scroll wheel. Like the SteelSeries Rival 3, the button is small but sits proud enough that it could be knocked accidentally, though we didn’t find this an issue in our tests. On the underside there’s a slider for setting the polling rate too.

Trust GXT 981 Redex review 02

This mouse uses Kailh switches rated to 80 million clicks for its left and right buttons, and its sensor tops out at 10,000 DPI. However, the latter is only rated to 20G acceleration and 100 IPS, so it’s well behind some rivals for these measures, even if we didn’t notice the difference when gaming.

Trust GXT 981 Redex pros and cons


  • Comfortable shape
  • Decent feature list for the price
  • 80 million-click Kailh switches


  • Relatively heavy for its size
  • Small size limits appeal
  • Low maximum sensor specs

Trust GXT 981 Redex specs

The Trust GXT 981 Redex specs list is:

Weight 74g
Dimensions (mm) 54 x 112 x 39 (W x D x H)
Sensor PixArt PMW3325 – 10,000 DPI, 20g acceleration, 100 IPS
Buttons 6 (left, right, scroll wheel, back, forward, DPI, lighting)
Cable 1.8m, braided
Battery life N/A
Extras RGB lighting

Trust GXT 981 Redex price

The Trust GXT 981 Redex price is $42, making it very cheap in the UK, though less so in the USA.

Price: Expect to pay $42 (£20)

Trust GXT 981 Redex review conclusion

The Trust GXT 981 Redex is a viable option for those seeking a small gaming mouse. It’s easy to get on with its shape, and while its sensor isn’t up there with the best, it still largely performs well. However, the Cooler Master MM711 has a similar price with a better sensor and a much lighter weight, which is why it gets a place on our best gaming mouse list.