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This is the massive SSD cooler you never knew you needed

Jiushark's new SSD cooler can drop SSD temperatures to under 50°C for under $20, but you'll need plenty of space to accommodate this beefy heatsink.

Jiushark M2-four SSD cooler

The new Jiushark M.2-Four SSD cooler promises to keep even the toastiest modern PCIe 4.0 and PCIe 5.0 drives at sub-50°C temperatures.

Sporting a hefty chunk of finned aluminum with a teeny fan in the middle, it towers above the slim M.2 SSD drives it’s designed to sit on. We’re used to seeing some quite large coolers included with motherboards or even shipping with the drives themselves, but the M.2-Four takes things to another level.

The M.2-Four dimensions really are comical, with the cooler being 71mm tall, which isn’t far off the height of some graphics cards, while it’s also 74.5mm long and 24.5mm wide. Suffice it to say, if your motherboard’s SSD slots are hidden under graphics cards or mounted on the reverse of the board, this won’t be the cooler for you.

For those systems where there is room around the SSD, though, the Jiushark should provide excellent cooling, helping ensure not only that your SSD doesn’t overheat but that heat is wicked well away from your system’s other components.

The cooler comes in three variants, with two featuring ARGB lighting and the other having a non-RGB fan, with either black or silver aluminum heatsinks.

Jiushark provides some performance numbers to show just how capable its new cooler is when mounted to a Samsung 980 Pro 500GB SSD. Using the drive’s stock cooler, the NAND flash hit 78°C while the controller hit 98°C. With the M.2-Four attached, though, the NAND sat at 40°C and the controller at 45°C.

With PCIe 5.0 drives arriving soon and expected to be even toastier than PCie 4.0 drives, active SSD cooling looks set to stay, and the Jiushark M.2-Four seems as good an option as any if your PC has the space.

That said, with Jiushark’s coolers only available via Aliexpress, they’re not the easiest to get hold of. Moreover, for most drives in most situations, a far less hefty cooler should do the trick, so you can be safe upgrading to the likes of the Samsung 980 Pro while relying on your motherboard’s cooler.

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