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Teamgroup T-Force Xtreem DDR5 joins 8200MHz RAM party

DDR5 speeds continue to climb as Teamgroup's latest joins G.Skill with chart-topping 8200MHz clock speed, surpassing double the fastest DDR4 clock speed.

Teamgroup T-Force Xtreem 8200MHz DDR5 00

Teamgroup has unveiled its latest top-of-the-line DDR5 memory kit that reaches a blistering 8200MHz clock speed. The new 8200MHz Teamgroup Xtreem T-Force DDR5 memory eschews all other considerations in pursuit of peak speed. So, while you get large heatsinks with impressive cooling capabilities, there’s no RGB and we can expect pricing to be sky-high too.

To crank such high speeds out of these memory modules, Teamgroup apparently used a patented IC classification and verification test to ensure only the speediest chips make the grade. A lot of consideration has also been given to keeping the modules cool.

Aluminum heatsinks that are 2mm thick adorn each module and they’re fixed into place with a ‘special’ heat-conducting silicone to ensure optimal heat transfer. The surface of the heatsinks is also anodized surface to resistant acid, corrosion, and rust while also being non-electrically conductive. Those are all good qualities, though pretty much any anodized treatment will result in the same properties.

The surface is also sandblasted ‘to give it the appearance of hard basalt’ that’s also ‘reminiscent of a black sand beach’. While certainly a classier look than some memory modules, the lack of RGB might put some buyers off while the height of these sticks of RAM will also need to be taken into consideration – they rise to a height of 48.8mm.

Teamgroup T-Force Xtreem 8200MHz DDR5 01

If you don’t feel you need the absolute fastest DDR5 going then the Teamgroup Xtreem T-Force DDR5 should still have you covered as slower 8000MHz and 7600MHz options are available. Configurations of 2 x 24GB and 2 x 16GB are the only two capacity options, though.

We’re still awaiting word on pricing but will update this story when it comes through. We’ll also need to actually test these modules first, before they can be considered for a place on our best gaming memory guide.

Will you be tempted by such fast DDR5? And if so, is the cool black look your thing, or would you prefer some RGB lighting? Let us know your thoughts on the Custom PC Facebook page, via Twitter, or join our Custom PC and Gaming Setup Facebook group and tap into the knowledge of our 420,000+ members.