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New Scuf Envision controller ditches Xbox and PS5 for pure PC use

Housing 11 remappable buttons, including side buttons, four back paddles, and five dedicated G-keys for keyboard shortcut-like functions.

Scuf Envision Pro steel gray controller

Corsair’s Scuf Gaming division has unveiled the Scuf Envision and Scuf Envision Pro, a new line of PC controllers that eschew the Playstation or Xbox-aping designs of its previous controllers and instead carve a new dedicated PC path. Along with Scuf’s renown for high-end build quality, the controllers include fully programmable front G-keys, new Side Action (SAX) buttons, and mouse-click-like D-pad and ABXY buttons.

With previous Scuf controllers, such as our pick for the best PC controller, the Scuf Instinct Pro, we’ve seen the company copy Xbox or PS4/5 type designs, adding premium build quality and a few extra buttons such as the company’s patented back paddles. However, with the Scuf Envision and Envision Pro, they’ve designed a new shape with buttons and features not seen on previous controller designs.

Scuf Envision controller

The most prominent of these are the five G-keys that run along the front of the controller. These function just like typical programmable G-keys on keyboards, with the ability to have them mapped to basically any function – a key press, controller action, a macro, and more.

Meanwhile, the new SAX buttons effectively provide extra bumper buttons just further down the sides of the controller. We’ve seen similar extra buttons before but not placed so far down the sides.

Another change is that all the main buttons use mouse-like Omron microswitches for a clicky feel, rather than traditional rubber dome-type buttons. This should ensure longevity and a sharp, precise feel.

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What isn’t mentioned, though, is whether the sticks use Hall effect sensors or whether they use a traditional resistive design. We’ve seen a few premium controllers switch to Hall effect sensors recently and they’re valued for their lack of stick drift, so it would be quite the omission here.

Scuf Envision Pro white controller

Both Scuf Envision controllers have the above features, but there are three main differences between the Envision and Envision Pro. The first is that the non-Pro Envision is wired-only, with a USB-C port on its top edge for connecting to your PC. Meanwhile, the Pro uses Corsair’s excellent Splipstream wireless technology, though it can also connect and charge over a USB-C cable.

The Pro also gets switchable triggers, which allow the choice of short-throw triggers for rapid, non-analog response, or long-throw analog response. Finally, the Pro comes with a rubberized grip for better, well, grip. The Pro is also available in gray or white color options, whereas the non-Pro is only available in black.

The Scuf Envision price is $129.99 while the Scuf Envision Pro price is $179.99. These prices initially seem relatively modest for Scuf controllers, with the official Xbox Instinct controllers starting at $169.99 and the official PS5 Reflex controllers starting at $199.99. However, the Envision not having wireless means its starting from a lower feature set. Both new controllers aren’t yet available on the likes of Amazon, but can be bought direct from ScufGaming.com

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