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Roccat Kone Pro review

We review the Roccat Kone Pro, a solid, if pricey, high-end non-symetrical gaming mouse with lighting under the top front buttons.

Roccat Kone Pro gaming mouse on white background

Our Verdict


A solid high-end gaming mouse option for right-handed users, although it’s quite pricey for what’s on offer.

The Roccat Kone Pro is the newest addition to the company’s line-up of gaming mice, which also includes our current ultra-lightweight mouse of choice, the Burst Pro. The Kone Pro is in fact even lighter than that model, weighing in at just 66g. However, it eschews the modern trend for symmetrical lightweight mouse shapes and instead has a resolutely right-handed design.

This lopsided shape, with a high left side that slopes down to the right, makes for a more comfortable wrist angle for right-handed users, in the same way as the raised centre portion of ergonomic keyboards.

This design particularly enhances the comfort of this mouse for use with a palm grip, where your whole hand is draped over the mouse.

However, the right edge where your left and ring fingers rest isn’t as comfortable as the same area on the Corsair Sabre RGB Pro in palm grip.

Conversely, the Kone Pro’s back end is shorter, so it’s better suited to fingertip grip than the Corsair, thanks to the extra clearance under you palm. In this regard, it’s more of a hybrid design than the resolutely palm grip-focused Sabre. The Roccat’s surface also has a pleasantly smooth, matt finish that provides a good level of grip.

In terms of styling, the rear portion of the mouse is plain, with its black plastic finish and simple painted-on silver logo. Instead, the pizzazz is kept up front, with RGB lighting shining through the translucent left and right buttons, creating a firefly-like effect. It’s a design choice that makes a certain sense, as the tip of the mouse is the most visible when in use, but that could also prove distracting.

Meanwhile, the braided cable measures 1.8m and is very flexible, so it doesn’t push back annoyingly against your movements. It also arrived with impressively few kinks, making for a tidy setup. Two very large glide pads, plus a small circular pad around the sensor, provide a very smooth, stable gliding experience and you even get a spare set of pads too.

You get the standard five buttons atop the mouse, with a DPI button on the underside, and that’s basically it for features – it’s a simple mouse. Roccat uses its own Titan optical switches and Owl-Eye optical sensor (based on the PixArt PAW 3370) and both feel very good in action, offering a crisp response and accurate tracking respectively.

Meanwhile, the scroll wheel has an intriguing hollowed-out design, with just a thin, flat outer circle and three spokes to save weight. This makes it feel very precise to use, with minimal inertia as you scroll up and down from one notch to the next, which is ideal if you use the wheel to change weapons in games, for instance.

Finally, Roccat’s excellent software is on hand to change all the usual settings, such as DPI levels, lift-off distance and button assignment, and these settings can be saved to the mouse for use on other PCs.

Roccat Kone Pro pros and cons


  • Excellent all-round performance
  • Comfortable easy-grip design
  • Impressively light


  • Not ideal for fingertip grip
  • On the expensive side

Roccat Kone Pro specs

The Roccat Kone Pro specs list is:

Weight 66g
Dimensions (mm) 72 x 126 x 40 (W x D x H)
  • Roccat Owl-Eye 19K (based on PixArt PAW 3370) sensor, 19,000 DPI, 50g acceleration, 400 IPS
Buttons 5 (left, right, scroll wheel, back, forward)
Cable 1.8m, lightweighted braided
Battery life NA
Extras RGB lighting, DPI button on underside

Roccat Kone Pro price

The Kone Pro is rather expensive for a fairly conventional non-wireless gaming mouse, with it costing around $70 USD or £70 GBP.

Price:  Expect to pay $70 USD / £70 GBP

Roccat Kone Pro review conclusion

The Roccat Kone Pro is a decent gaming mouse. It’s very lightweight and has a great sensor and switches, nailing the basics. The shape is an interesting hybrid that isn’t necessarily preferable for any given grip style, but we found it worked well for palm grip and not so well for fingertip grip. The only problem is the £70 inc VAT price tag, which is a little steep for such a simple mouse. With a drop in price, this would be an undeniably solid option. Meanwhile, if you’re still searching for your perfect mouse, why not read our best gaming mouse list for some recommendations.