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Razer Viper Ultimate review

A truly ambidextrous design, very lightweight, a fantastic sensor, compact grippy shape and wired/wireless versatility with a dock make this the ultimate mouse.

Razer Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse with dock

Our Verdict


A truly top-end, lightweight ambidextrous wireless gaming mouse, even if it doesn’t use USB Type-C.

We’ve looked at the wired version of the Viper before and been impressed by its compact, easy-grip design and effortless performance, so how does its wireless sibling, the Razer Viper Ultimate, hold up? Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t disappoint.

This is Razer’s most compact high-end mouse, with a small footprint and low 74g weight. That’s not the absolute lightest you can get but it’s impressively featherweight for a wireless rodent. Also, unlike some very light mice, Razer hasn’t opted to fill the Viper with lots of holes – instead, all the weight saving is internalised, reducing the potential for dust and grime working its way into the interior.

One aspect of both the Viper and Viper Ultimate that stands out is that they’re not just symmetrical in design, but they’re also truly ambidextrous. There are thumb buttons on both sides of the mouse, so it’s an easy recommendation for both left and right handed users. The positioning of these buttons is also well balanced – they’re easy to hit with your thumb without getting in the way of your ring and little fingers.

Razer Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse

Another great addition is the rubber on the sides. It’s not as thick or grippy (despite having a textured pattern) as the sides on the Logitech G703, but it still makes wielding this mouse effortless whether your hands are dry or sweaty, which can’t always be said for plastic finishes. The design is stylish as well, with its generally sleek vibe helped by its symmetrical shape and simple RGB-backlit logo. The white version looks great too.

Joining the four side buttons are just the standard left, right and scroll-wheel buttons, with DPI changes made via a button on the underside. In this location, you’ll also find the same slightly clunky clip-on door system for stowing the transceiver as on the DeathAdder, along with the power switch and charging dock connections. You don’t get a Bluetooth mode with this mouse, however.

Razer Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse with dock

The mouse is available with and without a dock, with the docked version costing a little more. The dock has a slot for plugging in the transceiver, to ensure a close signal, and the cable can be unplugged from the back and plugged into the front of the mouse. The non-docked version just keeps the cable and dongle separate, with no adapter to attach them. The mouse and dock also use micro-USB, rather than the newer USB Type-C connection.

Sporting Razer’s latest HyperSpeed wireless and 20K optical sensor, the Viper Ultimate provides superb tracking performance and showed no signs of any wireless latency in our tests.

Razer Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse with dock

Pricing of the Ultimate is a bit all over the place at the moment, though, with the docked version available for £97 inc VAT on amazon.co.uk and the dockless version costing just £85 from box.co.uk. However, pricing on Razer’s site is far higher, at £150 and £130 respectively. At the lower prices, these are fantastic quality mice but at full price they’re a much tougher sell.


  • True ambidextrous design
  • Very light
  • Fantastic performance
  • Excellent shape for many grip styles


  • Micro-USB not Type– C
  • Very pricey at MSRP

Razer Viper Ultimate specs

Weight 74g
Dimensions (mm) 58 x 127 x 38 (W x D x H)
Sensor Razer Focus+ Optical, 20,000 DPI, 50g acceleration, 650ips
Buttons 7 (left, right, scroll wheel, 2 x back, 2 x forward)
Cable 1.8m, lightweight braided
Stated battery life 70 hours unlit
Extras RGB lighting, DPI button on underside, 8KHz polling rate

Razer Viper Ultimate price

The Viper Ultimate is not a cheap mouse but considering it includes wireless connectivity, an ambidextrous design and a charging dock, it’s not bad value overall.

Price: Expect to pay $84 (£80)

Razer Viper Ultimate review conclusion

The Viper Ultimate is a fantastically versatile, lightweight, ambidextrous wireless gaming mouse with performance that’s up there with the best. Its shape is comfortable for a wide variety of hand sizes and grip styles, with its rubber sides greatly aiding grip too. The MSRP puts this mouse right at the top of the stack, making it an expensive and middling value proposition, but it’s a bargain at current pricing. So good is the Viper Ultimate that we’ve included it in our best gaming mouse list.