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New Razer Cobra Pro and Razer Cobra gaming mouse range announced

The first range of new Razer gaming mice in years offers a symmetrical design in wired and wireless forms, with up to 170 hours of battery life.

Razer Cobra Pro and Razer Cobra 04

Razer has unveiled its first brand new range of gaming mice in years, in the shape of the Razer Cobra Pro and Razer Cobra. The new mice offer a symmetrical lightweight design, with the wireless Cobra Pro weighing in at just 77g and the wired Razer Cobra weighing just 58g.

They have a shape similar to the ambidextrous Razer Viper design but lack the extra back and forward buttons of that mouse that allow it to be ambidextrous. As such, the Cobra mice are for right-handed users only.

Razer Cobra Pro specs

The Razer Cobra Pro includes 10 customizable controls, with two buttons that sit behind the scroll wheel joining the standard array of left, right, back, forward, and scroll wheel click buttons. Plus, there’s the scroll wheel up and down movement. So, basically, you’re getting a standard mouse setup with the addition of those two extra buttons on the top.

More impressive is the 11-zone RGB lighting that runs around the bottom edge of the mouse, giving a nice underglow, as well as lighting up the rear Razer logo and sides of the scroll wheel. RGB lighting on mice is nothing new but an 11-zone setup is definitely among the more extreme. It’s particularly impressive given the mouse’s low 77g weight.

Razer Cobra Pro 01

The Razer Cobra Pro offers three connection modes: Razer HyperSpeed Wireless, Bluetooth, and USB-C. The latter charges the mouse and can be used for data too, so you can carry on gaming while the mouse charges.

Battery life is a huge 170 hours using Bluetooth but this drops to just 33 hours using HyperSpeed Wireless. That lower figure is still comparable to other gaming mice, though.

Razer Cobra Pro 02

A 30,000DPI optical sensor – the Razer Focus Pro – sits at the heart of the mouse, providing 750 inches per second maximum movement speed and 70G of acceleration. Meanwhile, the two main left and right buttons use Razer’s 3rd-gen optical mouse switches that are rated to 90 million activations.

On the underside of the mouse is a switch for choosing between Bluetooth, wireless and off/wired modes, plus there’s a button for switching profiles – the mouse can store all settings onboard. There’s also a stowage area for the wireless dongle, underneath a magnetic cover.

Razer Cobra Pro price

The Razer Cobra Pro price is $149.99 and is available immediately. 

Razer Cobra specs

The non-Pro Cobra is a cheaper wired version of the Cobra that cuts down almost every aspect of the mouse, to a surprisingly severe extent. Gone is the mutli-zone RGB lighting – there’s just a single zone at the back of the mouse – the sensor is reduced to an 8500 DPI unit, and there is just one extra button on the top of the mouse for a total of six programmable buttons.

Razer Cobra 01

However, with a weight of just 58g, it’s exceptionally light and it includes Razer’s excellent Speedflex cable for minimal cable pushback. You also still get those 90 million activation switches and what looks like a very comfortable design. Plus, it really is very cheap – it makes us wonder why Razer didn’t do a more premium mid-priced wired version of the mouse.

Razer Cobra 02

Razer Cobra price

The Razer Cobra Pro price is just $39.99 and is available immediately. 

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